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Python wrapper for several music platforms API

Project description


Music API Python wrapper, currently supports limited API.

  • Supported API
    • JioSaavn

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  • Using pip and git

    python3 -m pip install git+
  • Using pypi

    python3 -m pip install MusicAPy


  • Jio Saavn API

    • From Script

      from musicapy.saavn_api.api import SaavnAPI
      # create API obj
      api = SaavnAPI()
      ## Search Services
      # Search Song
      data = api.search_song('song_name')
      # Search Album
      data = api.search_album('album_name')
      # Search All
      data = api.search_all('song_or_album_name')
      ## Song Services
      # get song link
      saavn_song_link = ''
      # create identifier
      identifier = api.create_identifier(link, 'song')
      # get trending songs
      trending_songs = api.get_trending()
      # get latest charts
      charts = api.get_charts()
      # get song link from identifier
      song_link = api.get_song_link(identifier)
      # get song details
      details = api.get_song_details(identifier)
      # get song lyrics
      lyrics = api.get_song_lyrics(identifier)
      # get download links
      download_links = api.generate_song_download_links(identifier)
      ## Albums Service
      # get song details
      album_details = api.get_album_details(identifier)
      # get album songs download links
      data = api.generate_album_download_links(identifier) 
      ## Playlist Service
      # with featured playlist link
      id = api.create_identifier('', None)
      # with playlist link
      id = api.create_identifier('', 'playlist')
      # with playlist/list id
      id = api.create_identifier(802336660, 'playlist')
      # fetch playlist details
      playlist_details = api.get_playlist_details(id)
      # fetch Playlist song details with download links
      playlist_songs_details = api.get_playlist_song_download_links(id)
    • From Command Line

      python3 -m musicapy.saavn_api -h

      Command Line Output

      usage: [-h] [-t] [-c] [-d] [-l LINK] [-aD] [-a] [-sS SEARCH_SONG_QUERY] [-sA SEARCH_ALBUM_QUERY] [-sa SEARCH_ALL_QUERY]
        -h, --help            show this help message and exit
        -t, --trending        get trending songs
        -c, --charts          get charts
        -d, --download        generate download links
        -l LINK, --link LINK  link of song or album
        -aD, --album-details  get album details from link
        -a, --album           get album download links
        -sS SEARCH_SONG_QUERY, --search-song SEARCH_SONG_QUERY
                              search song by name
                              search album by name
        -sa SEARCH_ALL_QUERY, --search-all SEARCH_ALL_QUERY
                          search album or song by name


MIT License

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