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Python mutation testing: test your tests!

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mutatest: Python mutation testing

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Are you confident in your tests? Try out mutatest and see if your tests will detect small modifications (mutations) in the code. Surviving mutations represent subtle changes that are undetectable by your tests. These mutants are potential modifications in source code that continuous integration checks would miss.



Install from PyPI:

$ pip install mutatest

Install from conda-forge:

$ conda install -c conda-forge mutatest

Example Output

This is an output example running mutation trials against the API Tutorial example folder example folder.

$ mutatest -s example/ -t "pytest" -r 314

Running clean trial
2 mutation targets found in example/ AST.
1 mutation targets found in example/ AST.
Setting random.seed to: 314
Total sample space size: 2
10 exceeds sample space, using full sample: 2.

Starting individual mutation trials!
Current target location:, LocIndex(ast_class='BinOp', lineno=6, col_offset=11, op_type=<class '_ast.Add'>)
Detected mutation at example/ (6, 11)
Detected mutation at example/ (6, 11)
Surviving mutation at example/ (6, 11)
Break on survival: stopping further mutations at location.

Current target location:, LocIndex(ast_class='CompareIs', lineno=6, col_offset=11, op_type=<class '_ast.Is'>)
Detected mutation at example/ (6, 11)
Running clean trial

Mutatest diagnostic summary
 - Source location: /home/user/Github/mutatest/docs/api_tutorial/example
 - Test commands: ['pytest']
 - Mode: s
 - Excluded files: []
 - N locations input: 10
 - Random seed: 314

Random sample details
 - Total locations mutated: 2
 - Total locations identified: 2
 - Location sample coverage: 100.00 %

Running time details
 - Clean trial 1 run time: 0:00:00.348999
 - Clean trial 2 run time: 0:00:00.350213
 - Mutation trials total run time: 0:00:01.389095

Trial Summary Report:

Overall mutation trial summary
 - RUN DATETIME: 2019-10-17 16:57:08.645355

Detected mutations:

 - example/ (l: 6, c: 11) - mutation from <class '_ast.Add'> to <class '_ast.Sub'>
 - example/ (l: 6, c: 11) - mutation from <class '_ast.Add'> to <class '_ast.Mod'>
 - example/ (l: 6, c: 11) - mutation from <class '_ast.Is'> to <class '_ast.IsNot'>

Surviving mutations:

 - example/ (l: 6, c: 11) - mutation from <class '_ast.Add'> to <class '_ast.Mult'>


For full documentation, including installation, CLI references, API references, and tutorials, please see The project is hosted on PyPI at


Please use the GitHub issue tracker to submit bugs or request features. See the Contributing Guidelines if you are interested in submitting code in the form of pull requests.


Consult the Changelog page for fixes and enhancements of each version.


Copyright Evan Kepner 2018-2020.

Distributed under the terms of the MIT license, mutatest is free and open source software.


Stable Releases


  • Maintenance patches and API changes to skip/only category selection.


  • Maintenance patch #27 updating source code conditional logic in the CLI argument parsing.

  • Minor fixes for the most updated CI checks.


  • Bug fix #24 where the bit-shift operators where not being applied during mutation trials and raised KeyError.

  • A new ensures all mutation substitutions work as intended.


  • Mutatest has reached a level of maturity to warrant a stable release. With the addition of the multiprocessing capabilities, support for coverage versions 4.x and 5.x, support for Python 3.7 and 3.8, being installable through pip or conda, and with Azure Pipelines CI for platform tests, the tool and API are unlikely to change in a major way without moving to 4.0.0.

New in this release:

  • Multiprocessing support on Python 3.8!
    • The new --parallel command argument will instruct mutatest to use multiprocessing for mutation trials. See the documentation for complete details.

  • Bug fix in mutatest.cache.create_cache_dirs() where the cache directory did not include “parents” in case of packages with nested directories without existing pycache.

  • Removal of the sr subcategory of slice mutations (Slice_RC for range changes). These were rare, and supporting both Python 3.7 and 3.8 required excessive complexity. The su category remains valid as the primary slice mutation set.

Beta Releases


  • Added support for specifying settings in setup.cfg using either [mutatest] or [tool:mutatest] sections in addition to the mutatest.ini file.


  • Addressing test issues on Windows platform in the coverage tests by adding a resolve_source flag to the CoverageFilter.filter method.


  • Moved the tests directory to be within the package of mutatest. This enabled the installation to be tested with pytest --pyargs mutatest as well as pytest from local source files. Test dependencies are still installed with pip install .[tests].


  • Includes specific test environments for coverage versions 4 and 5 with appropriate mocked .coverage data outputs (JSON or SQL based on version).

  • A new tox test environment called cov4 is added, with a new pytest marker pytest.mark.coverage for test selection.


  • Coverage version 5.0 has moved to a SQLite database instead of a flat file. To support both 4x and 5x versions of Coverage the filters source code has been updated. The test suite includes mocked coverage data parsing tests of 4x only for now.


  • Explicit including of typing-extensions in requirements to fix breaking documentation builds on Python version 3.7 vs. 3.8.


  • Python 3.8 support! There are breaking changes with the LocIndex and other components of the transformers from prior versions of mutatest. Python 3.8 introduces a new AST structure - including additional node attributes end_lineno and end_col_offset that have to be accounted for. transformers.MutateAST is now build from a base class and a mixin class depending on the Python version (3.7 vs. 3.8) for the appropriate AST treatment. There are no changes in the CLI usage.


  • Bugfix to ensure exclude path processing in GenomeGroup.add_folder always uses full resolved paths for files.


  • Feature #18: Allow mutation trials to time out. There are cases where a mutation could cause an infinite loop, such as changing the comparator in a while statement e.g., while x < 5 becomes while x >= 5. A new --timeout_factor argument is added to set a cap on the maximum trial time as a multiplier of the clean-trial run.

  • Bugfix on using exclude where files were logged but still becoming part of the sample.


  • Bug Fix #15: Fix LocIndex.ast_class setting for Index node mutations.


  • Add support for a mutatest.ini configuration file for command line arguments.


  • Documentation updates, including the API tutorial.

  • Fix on latest mypy errors related to strict processing of run and cache.


  • Moving from the alpha to the beta version with an API design. The alpha releases were focused on defining the functionality of the CLI. In the beta version, the CLI remains unchanged; however, a full internal design has been applied to create a coherent API. The controller, optimizers, and maker modules have been fully replaced by run, api, and filters. See the new full API documentation for details on using these modules outside of the CLI.

  • Additionally, pytest was removed from the installation requirements since it is assumed for the default running modes but not required for the API or installation.

Alpha Releases


  • Added --exception and -x as a survivor tolerance to raise an exception after the trial completes if the count of surviving mutants is greater than or equal to the specified value.


  • Added --only and --skip with category codes for mutation families.

  • Provides CLI selection of mutation types to be used during the trials.


  • Added new If mutation:
    1. Original statements are represented by If_Statement and mutated to be either If_True where the statement always passes, or If_False where the statement is never passed.


  • Breaking changes to the CLI arguments and new defaults:
    1. Output files are now optional, the default behavior has changed from always writing an RST file using the -o option on the command line.

    2. Exclusions are still marked as -e; however, now multiple -e arguments are supported and arguments must point to a Python file. The argument used to be: mutatest -e "" and now it is mutatest -e src/ -e src/ There are no longer default exclusions applied.

  • Improved CLI reporting, including selected test counts and line/col locations for trial results while processing.


  • Internal changes to Slice mutations for clearer categorization and report output.

  • Includes clearing names to Slice_Swap and Slice_RangeChange for categories.

  • Updates operation names to Slice_Unbounded... with “lower” or “upper”.


  • Added new slice mutations:
    1. Slice_SwapNoneUL and Slice_SwapNoneLU for swapping the upper and lower bound values when only one is specified e.g. x[1:] to x[:1].

    2. Slice_UPosToZero and Slice_UNegToZero for moving the upper bound of a slice by 1 unit e.g. x[1:5] becomes x[1:4].


  • Added explicit tests for argparse cli options.

  • Added mechanism to sort reporting mutations by source file, then line number, then column number.


  • Including pytest in the installation requirements. Technically, any test runner can be used but with all base package assumptions being built around pytest this feels like the right assumption to call out as an install dependency. It is the default behavior.

  • Updated controller for test file exclusion to explicitly match prefix or suffix cases for "test_" and "_test" per pytest conventions.

  • Changed error and unknown status results to console color as yellow instead of red.

  • Added multiple invariant property tests, primarily to controller and cache.

  • Added hypothesis to the test components of extras_require.

  • Moved to @property decorators for internal class properties that should only be set at initialization, may add custom setters at a later time.

  • Fixed a zero-division bug in the cli when reporting coverage percentage.


  • Addition of optimizers, including the new class CoverageOptimizer.

  • This optimizer restricts the full sample space only to source locations that are marked as covered in the .coverage file. If you have a pytest.ini that includes the --cov= command it will automatically generate during the clean-trial run.


  • More behind the scenes maintenance: updated debug level logging to include source file names and line numbers for all visit operations and separated colorized output to a new function.


  • Updated the reporting functions to return colorized display results to CLI.


  • Added new mutation support for:
    1. AugAssign in AST e.g. += -= *= /=.

    2. Index substitution in lists e.g. take a positive number like i[1] and mutate to zero and a negative number e.g. i[-1] i[0].

  • Added a desc attribute to transformers.MutationOpSet that is used in the cli help display.

  • Updated the cli help display to show the description and valid members.


  • Added new mutation support for NameConstant in AST.

  • This includes substitutions for singleton assignments such as: True, False, and None.

  • This is the first non-type mutation and required adding a readonly parameter to the transformers.MutateAST class. Additionally, the type-hints for the LocIndex and MutationOpSet were updated to Any to support the mixed types. This was more flexible than a series of overload signatures.


  • Added new compare mutation support for:
    1. Compare Is mutations e.g. is, is not.

    2. Compare In mutations e.g. in, not in.


  • Initial release!

  • Requires Python 3.7 due to the importlib internal references for manipulating cache.

  • Run mutation tests using the mutatest command line interface.

  • Supported operations:

    1. BinOp mutations e.g. + - / * including bit-operations.

    2. Compare mutations e.g. == >= < <= !=.

    3. BoolOp mutations e.g. and or.


mutatest is written and maintained by Evan Kepner.

See the Contributing Guidelines if you are interested in submitting code in the form of pull requests. Contributors are listed here, and can be seen on the GitHub contribution graph.


  • David Li-Bland

  • Alireza Aghamohammadi

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