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A text-processing language based on Python 3.

Project description

Natsulang text processing language

This is a small text processing language based on Python 3. It is now being used in a software called CJCMCG.

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Recently, a Chinese book called <平安经> is hot on the Internet. All sentences in this book is in the format of **平安. The most famous paragraph translated in English is like this:

Born safe. One month safe. 100 days safe. 1 year old safe. 2 years old safe. 3 years old safe. 4 years old safe. 5 years
old safe. 6 years old safe. 7 years old safe. 8 years old safe. 9 years old safe. 10 years old safe...

In Chinese, the paragraph is:


This paragraph is so tidy, that it can be generated with programs. Using natsulang, you can generate this paragraph like below:


Maybe you are headache with your math proofs. This is not a problem in Natsulang. Just use the following program:

Input what you want to proof: {name=input();}

Proposition A: {name}
Proposition B: Proposition C is false.
Proposition C: At lease one proposition between A and B is true.

Lemma 1: Proposition C is true

Proof: If C is false, then A and B is both false, and B is false, then C is true. This contradicts.

Now start proof:

If A is false, since C is true, B is true, and C is false. This contradicts. So A is true, i.e., {name}


Can you find how this program works?

Run Natsulang

First, you need to download Python 3 and install. If you're using Windows, you need to add Python 3 to Path.

Then, type pip install natsulang in the terminal, and wait for it complete.

Finally, type natsulang in the terminal. If no error occurs, the installation is success.

If you need to upgrade natsulang, please use pip install --upgrade natsulang.


You can learn Natsulang here.

English tutorials are preparing, please wait for some time.

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