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Download genome files from the NCBI FTP server.

Project description

Some script to download bacterial and fungal genomes from NCBI after they
restructured their FTP a while ago.
Idea shamelessly stolen from Mick Watson’s Kraken downloader scripts
that can also be found in Mick’s GitHub repo. However, Mick’s
scripts are [STRIKEOUT:written in Perl] specific to actually building a Kraken database
(as advertised).

So this is a set of scripts that focuses on the actual genome downloading.


pip install ncbi-genome-download

Alternatively, clone this repository from GitHub, then run (in a python virtual environment)

pip install .

If this fails on older versions of Python, try updating your pip tool first:

pip install --upgrade pip

and then rerun the ncbi-genome-download install.

ncbi-genome-download is only developed and tested on Python releases still under active
support by the Python project. At the moment, this means versions 2.7, 3.4, 3.5 and 3.6.
Specifically, no attempt at testing under Python versions older than 2.7 or 3.4 is being made.
If your system is stuck on an older version of Python, consider using a tool like
Homebrew or Linuxbrew to obtain a more up-to-date


To download all bacterial RefSeq genomes in GenBank format from NCBI, run the following:

ncbi-genome-download bacteria

Downloading multiple groups is also possible:

ncbi-genome-download bacteria,viral

If you’re on a reasonably fast connection, you might want to try running multiple downloads in parallel:

ncbi-genome-download bacteria --parallel 4

To download all fungal GenBank genomes from NCBI in GenBank format, run:

ncbi-genome-download --section genbank fungi

To download all viral RefSeq genomes in FASTA format, run:

ncbi-genome-download --format fasta viral

It is possible to download multiple formats by supplying a list of formats or simply download all formats:

ncbi-genome-download --format fasta,assembly-report viral
ncbi-genome-download --format all viral

To download only completed bacterial RefSeq genomes in GenBank format, run:

ncbi-genome-download --assembly-level complete bacteria

To download only bacterial reference genomes from RefSeq in GenBank format, run:

ncbi-genome-download --refseq-category reference bacteria

To download bacterial RefSeq genomes of the genus Streptomyces, run:

ncbi-genome-download --genus Streptomyces bacteria

Note: This is a simple string match on the organism name provided by NCBI only.

You can also use this with a slight trick to download genomes of a certain species as well:

ncbi-genome-download --genus "Streptomyces coelicolor" bacteria
Note: The quotes are important. Again, this is a simple string match on the organism
name provided by the NCBI.

Multiple genera is also possible:

ncbi-genome-download --genus "Streptomyces coelicolor,Escherichia coli" bacteria

To download bacterial RefSeq genomes based on their NCBI species taxonomy ID, run:

ncbi-genome-download --species-taxid 562 bacteria

Note: The above command will download all RefSeq genomes belonging to Escherichia coli.

To download a specific bacterial RefSeq genomes based on its NCBI taxonomy ID, run:

ncbi-genome-download --taxid 511145 bacteria

Note: The above command will download the RefSeq genome belonging to Escherichia coli str. K-12 substr. MG1655.

It is also possible to download multiple species taxids or taxids by supplying the numbers in a comma-separated list:

ncbi-genome-download --taxid 9606,9685 --assembly-level chromosome vertebrate_mammalian

Note: The above command will download the reference genomes for cat and human.

It is possible to also create a human-readable directory structure in parallel to mirroring
the layout used by NCBI:
ncbi-genome-download --human-readable bacteria
This will use links to point to the appropriate files in the NCBI directory structure,
so it saves file space. Note that links are not supported on some Windows file systems and some
older versions of Windows.
It is also possible to re-run a previous download with the --human-readable option.
In this case, ncbi-genome-download will not download any new genome files, and just create
human-readable directory structure. Note that if any files have been changed on the NCBI side,
a file download will be triggered.

To get an overview of all options, run

ncbi-genome-download --help

As a method

You can also use it as a method call. Pass the pythonised keyword arguments (_ instead of -)
as described above or in the --help:
import ncbi_genome_download as ngd

Note: To specify a taxonomic group, like bacteria, use the group keyword.


All code is available under the Apache License version 2, see the
`LICENSE <LICENSE>`__ file for details.

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