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Core functionality of neo-python

Project description

Library for working with NEO related data in Python, without database dependencies.
  • Datatypes like UInt160, KeyPair, BigInteger and basic string to address and address to UInt160 methods
  • Includes a useful cli-tool np-utils (see help with np-utils -h)
  • Compatible with Python 3.5+
  • Used by neo-python

np-utils examples:

$ np-utils -h
usage: np-utils [-h] [--version] [--address-to-scripthash address]
                [--scripthash-to-address scripthash] [--create-wallet]

optional arguments:
-h, --help            show this help message and exit
--version             show program's version number and exit
--address-to-scripthash address
                        Convert an address to scripthash
--scripthash-to-address scripthash
                        Convert scripthash to address
--create-wallet       Create a wallet

$ np-utils --create-wallet
"private_key": "KwJqCbjsmGUCqbkp83Nxi9MJ9mA7F8EN4tebJVWjYZBEoWCNxCaF",
"address": "AHVvg26CNz1vxteJfeHy4R8P4VN8SydCM6"

$ np-utils --address-to-scripthash AK2nJJpJr6o664CWJKi1QRXjqeic2zRp8y
Scripthash big endian:  0xe9eed8dc39332032dc22e5d6e86332c50327ba23
Scripthash little endian: 23ba2703c53263e8d6e522dc32203339dcd8eee9
Scripthash neo-python format: b'#\xba\'\x03\xc52c\xe8\xd6\xe5"\xdc2 39\xdc\xd8\xee\xe9'

$ np-utils --scripthash-to-address 0xe9eed8dc39332032dc22e5d6e86332c50327ba23

$ np-utils --scripthash-to-address 23ba2703c53263e8d6e522dc32203339dcd8eee9
Detected little endian scripthash. Converting to big endian for internal use.
Big endian scripthash: 0xe9eed8dc39332032dc22e5d6e86332c50327ba23

Getting started

You need Python 3.5 or higher!

You can install neocore from PyPI with easy_install or pip:

$ pip install -U neocore

Alternatively, if you want to work on the code, clone this repository and setup your venv:

  • Clone the repo: git clone
  • Create a Python 3 virtual environment and activate it:
$ python3 -m venv venv
$ source venv/bin/activate
  • Then install the requirements:
$ pip install -e .
$ pip install -r requirements_dev.txt

Useful commands

$ make lint
$ make test
$ make coverage

Release checklist

(Only for admins)

Releasing a new version on GitHub automatically uploads this release to PyPI. This is a checklist for releasing a new version:

# Only in case you want to increase the version number again (eg. scope changed from patch to minor):
bumpversion --no-tag minor|major

# Update ``HISTORY.rst`` with the new version number and the changes and commit this
vi HISTORY.rst
git commit -m "Updated HISTORY.rst" HISTORY.rst

# Set the release version number and create the tag
bumpversion release

# Increase patch number and add `-dev`
bumpversion --no-tag patch

# Push to GitHub, which also updates the PyPI package
git push && git push --tags


0.5.6 2018-12-18

  • Updated dependencies
  • Added SafeReadBytes to BinaryReader

0.5.5 2018-12-18

  • Updated dependencies
  • Added isValidPublicAddress() to utility module

0.5.4 2018-10-31

  • Updated BigInteger to properly support logical shifts
  • Added tests for np-utils
  • Updated dependencies

0.5.3 2018-10-02

  • Updated the dependencies

0.5.2 (2018-08-28)

  • Fixed8.TryParse fix for zero
  • Updated dependencies

0.5.1 (2018-08-23)

  • Change BigInteger divisor operation to use floordiv rather than truediv

0.5.0 (2018-08-21)

  • np-utils –address-to-scripthash outputs now little-endian and big-endian scripthashes
  • np-utils –scripthash-to-address detects input endianness and converts accordingly
  • Updated dependencies

0.4.11 (2018-07-05)

  • Added Size() method to ECPoint and Fixed8 class.

0.4.10 (2018-06-25)

  • Updated requirements: pycryptome

0.4.9 (2018-06-08)

  • Updated dependencies, especially base58

0.4.8 (2018-05-31)

  • Create wallets with np-utils --create-wallet

0.4.7 (2018-05-30)

  • BigInteger(0) now is b'\x00' (PR #50)

0.4.6 (2018-04-30)

  • make unhexlify in Crypto.VerifySignature optional (PR #48)

0.4.2 (2018-04-26)

  • np-utils now supports --scripthash-to-address (thx @belane)

0.4.1 (2018-04-26)

  • np-utils cli tool (see, PR #40)
  • alter initialization of Crypto signature curve

0.3.10 (2018-03-21)

  • Fix formatting of ToNeoJsonString() which was cutting off trailing zeroes from integers.

0.3.8 (2018-03-14)

  • Fix travis deploy to be compatible with recent neo-python changes
  • Update scrypt and logzero dependency versions

0.3.6 (2018-02-26)

  • Enabled Python >= 3.4 in

0.3.5 (2018-02-15)

  • Bugfix: Dont unhex when writing var bytes (PR #36)

0.3.4 (2018-01-25)

  • Added ParseString method to UInt160/UInt256 (PR #35)

0.3.3 (2018-01-25)

  • Added Fixed8.ToJsonString() (PR #33)

0.3.2 (2018-01-23)

  • Added UInt To0xString method

0.3.1 (2018-01-09)

  • Documentation update
  • Moved the cryptography dependency to requirements_dev.txt

0.3.0 (2018-01-09)

  • Added neo.Cryptography and KeyPair
  • Changed signature of neocore.Cryptography.Crypto.Sign() to remove unused public_key argument
  • Removed redundant neocore.Cryptography.Helper.hash_to_wallet_address() function, use neocore.Cryptography.Helper.scripthash_to_address() instead.
  • Removed unused neocore.Cryptography.Helper functions: random_string, bytes_to_hex_string, bin_sha256, sha256, random_key.

0.2.4 + 0.2.5 (2018-01-03)

  • Bugfix for deploying from Travis to PyPI/neocore

0.2.3 (2018-01-03)

  • Bugfix for BinaryWriter (PR #13)

0.2.1 (2018-01-02)

  • Added UInt*, Fixed8 and neo.IO.Binary* (PR #9)

0.1.1 - 0.1.2 (2017-12-30)

  • Testing of releases on PyPI with Travis CI.

0.1.0 (2017-12-28)

  • First release on PyPI.

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