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Async library to communicate with Heatmiser NeoHub 2 API.

Project description


This is a simple python wrapper around Heatmiser's Neohub API. Up-to-date documentation for the API can be obtained from the Heatmiser Developer Portal. You will need to sign up for a free account.

The primary purpose of this module is to help with Home Assistant integration but it can also be used as a standalone library for other projects.

Connection methods

The API provides two connection methods. The so-called "legacy" method is by way of an unencrypted connection to port 4242 of the Neohub. The newer method uses an encrypted websocket on port 4243, but only works on a second generation hub (look for the sticker on the back).

To use the websocket connection, you need to obtain a token from the Heatmiser Neo app. Go to Settings > API > + in the app and create one.

On newer hubs, the legacy connection may be disabled by default. If you want to use it, go to Settings > API in the app, and enable it from there.

Usage example

import asyncio
import neohubapi.neohub as neohub

async def run():
    # Legacy connection
    hub = neohub.NeoHub()
    # Or, for a websocket connection:
    # hub = neohub.Neohub(port=4243, token='xxx-xxxxxxx')
    system = await hub.get_system()
    hub_data, devices = await hub.get_live_data()
    for device in devices['thermostats']:
        print(f"Temperature in zone {}: {device.temperature}")
        await device.identify()

This package includes a CLI for performing common tasks.

$ help  # Shows all commands
$ help set_time  # Displays help for the set_time function
$ --hub_ip=myneohub set_time "2021-01-31 15:43:00"  # Specify times like this
$ --hub_ip=myneohub set_lock 1234 "Living Room"  # Name NeoStats like this.

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