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Lightweight pypi mirror and continuous integration server

Project description


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On-demand, lightweight, package building pypi mirror


.. note ::

Still in early stages, though has enough features for me to use it


* *Pypi like repository*: For software you author or python libraries you modify but only publish internally
* *Pypi Mirror*: Mirrors packages from
* *On demand*: Packages are downloaded only when requested for.
* *Lightweight*: Downloads and mirrors only those versions requested for.


* **Continuous integration**: Test all defined source builds at defined intervals and/or based on git / hg commits. Offer readonly web based interface to past tests and results
* Apache integration using mod_wsgi
* Refresh pypi packages and indices
* Additional python versions (currently tested only with python 3.3)

Quick start

* Create and activate a python virtual environment

* Currently only tested with python version 3.3. Additional versions to be added later

* Install package::

$ pip install nestegg

* Create configuration file for nestegg in your home directory `$HOME/nestegg.yml` ::

.. code:: yml

nestegg_dir: /var/cache/nestegg # Where nestegg makes a nest
port: 7654 # Port to run on
index-url: # Pypi Index URL
source_builds: # List of source builds
- name: my_package_name # package name
repo_type: git # git and hg supported
repo_url: # git url here
private: Yes # private or public
- version: 1.0.0 # python version
tag: 1.0.0 # git/hg branch/tag name
dist_file: mypackage-1.0.0.tar.gz # source dist file name

For each source build / version defined, nestegg will :

* Create a git or hg clone from the git / hg repo
* Checkout the defined tag / branch
* Create a source distribution using `python sdist`
* Publish the distribution to the nestegg package repository.
* You can install/use the distribution using pip, easy_install etc.

All the source builds and versions you defined will be cloned, the corresponding tag checked out and source distributi

* Start nestegg server::

$ nestegg
Bottle v0.11.6 server starting up (using WSGIRefServer())...
Listening on
Hit Ctrl-C to quit.

Use http://localhost:7654/simple as the index url with pip or tox or other clients. eg. ::

$ pip install SQLAlchemy==0.8.2 --index-url=http://localhost:7654


* Create a desktop / intranet mirror of all packages used. Create new test virtualenvs readily without having to wait for long downloads
* Manage versions of your package dependencies (even if pypi eventually does not publish the versions you rely upon)
* Publish versions of libraries you fork, or any you create to a pypi like repository without having to publish it globally.
* Ensure access control. Continues to work with git/hg authentication over ssh
* (TODO) Continuous / automatic integration / testing of python packages you author and maintain.

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nestegg-0.0.1alpha2.tar.gz (5.5 kB view hashes)

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