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Enhance your secret management with encrypted storage and flexible, user-friendly features.

Project description

Netbox Secrets

This is the continuation of the NetBox Secretstore app. The original plugin is minimally maintained and has a lot of issues. This plugin is a complete rewrite of the original plugin. It is more generic and flexible than the original plugin. It is also regularly tested with the latest NetBox releases to ensure compatibility and stability.


  • Store secrets in the database encrypted with a public key (RSA)
  • More generic and flexible than the original plugin (e.g. secrets can be assigned to any object in NetBox)
  • Secrets can be assigned to contacts to associate them with a secret (e.g. SSH key)
  • Updated user interface to make it easier to use and more intuitive to navigate
  • Regularly tested with the latest NetBox releases to ensure compatibility and stability


NetBox Version Plugin Version
3.3.x 1.4.x, 1.5.x
3.4.x 1.6.x, 1.7.x
3.5.x 1.8.x
3.6.x 1.9.x
3.7.x 1.10.x


  • Install NetBox as per NetBox documentation
  • Add to local_requirements.txt:
    • netbox-secrets
  • Install requirements: ./venv/bin/pip install -r local_requirements.txt
  • Add to PLUGINS in NetBox configuration:
    • 'netbox_secrets',
  • Run migration: ./venv/bin/python netbox/ migrate
  • Run collectstatic: ./venv/bin/python netbox/ collectstatic --no-input

You can view releases at:


The following options are available in the configuration file:

  • apps
    • Type: List
    • Description: List of apps to enable
    • Default: ['dcim.device', 'virtualization.virtualmachine']
  • display_default
    • Type: String
    • Description: Where to display the secret on the detail page of the defined apps
    • Default: left_page
    • Options: left_page, right_page, full_width_page, tab_view
  • display_setting
    • Type: Dict
    • Description: Set display setting for concrete model
    • Default: {}
    • Options: {'app.model': 'display_default'}
    • Example: {'dcim.device': 'full_width_page', 'virtualization.virtualmachine': 'right_page'}
  • enable_contacts
    • Type: Boolean
    • Description: Enable contacts for secret
    • Default: False
  • public_key_size
    • Type: Integer
    • Description: Size of the public key
    • Default: 2048
    • Options: 2048, 4096, 8192
  • top_level_menu
    • Type: Boolean
    • Description: Enable top level menu
    • Default: False

Extra Configuration

The following options are inherited from NetBox to configure the cookies:

Note: These options should be set in the NetBox configuration file.


User key (Without Session)


User key (With Session)


Secret Object View


Secret Panel on Device


Secret Role Object View



  1. How can I migrate the data from netbox-secretstore?

Note: This is a one-way migration. You can't migrate back to netbox-secretstore. Ensure you do not have any data including tables for netbox-secrets already in the database

These instructions assume that you are running Netbox v3.4.x and the plugin version 1.7.x. Install a new version of netbox_secretstore as:

pip install git+

Note: You should have netbox-secretstore v1.4.4 installed now.

Make sure to add both plugins to the before the migration.

Run the migration:

python migrate

Finally, readjust the indices for the netbox-secrets plugin

python sqlsequencereset netbox_secrets

Run the output of the previous command in the database.

You can now remove netbox-secretstore from the application. You may have clean up your database of the old tables manually.

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