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A library for parsing the netplan configuration data

Project description

netplan - a Python library for parsing the netplan configuration data.


This module parses the YAML configuration files describing the system's network configuration in the format used by the package. The main parser is the "netplan.parser.Parser" class (also exported as "netplan.Parser"); its "parse()" method returns a data structure of the "netplan.config.NetPlan" class (also exported as "netplan.NetPlan").

Example usage

import netplan

p = netplan.Parser()
data = p.parse()
for iface, cfg in data.items():
    print('{section}/{name}'.format(section=cfg.section, name=iface)

p = netplan.Parser()
data = p.parse(exclude=['set-mtu.yaml'])
fix = {'version': 2}
for iface, cfg in data.get_all_interfaces(['br-enp4s0']).data.items():
    if cfg.get('mtu') != 9000:
        if cfg.section not in fix:
            fix[cfg.section] = {}
        fix[cfg.section][iface] = {'mtu': 9000}
fix = {'network': fix}
with open('/etc/netplan/set-mtu.yaml', mode='w') as f:
    print(yaml.dump(fix), file=f, end='')

The netplan-parser tool

The three types of queries - parse the interface data, get all related interfaces, and get only the physical related interfaces - are also available via the command-line netplan-parser tool:

# Show the configuration of all interfaces in YAML format
netplan-parser show

# Show the configuration of the specified interfaces in JSON format
netplan-parser -f json show eno1 eno2.617

# List the names of the interfaces related to the specified one
netplan-parser -f names related eno2.617

# Show the configuration of the physical interfaces related to
# the specified ones
netplan-parser --format=json physical eno2.617 br1-eno1


The netplan Python library was written by Peter Pentchev as part of the OpenStack development team at StorPool.

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