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Push logs into New Relic using standard python logger asynchronously.

Project description

New Relic APM Logger

This library enables the standard python logger to send its logs to New Relic using an async strategy. Note: These logs are linked to the application only in the context of a web transaction.


Configure the APM agent according to the documentation. A newrelic.ini should be generated.

By default (unless NEW_RELIC_LOGGER_AUTOIMPORT_DISABLE is True), to enable the python logging module, include this line in your file.

import newrelic_logger

if auto import is disabled, it must be instantiated in the code

from newrelic_logger import NewRelicLogger

NewRelicLogger Arguments

NewRelicLogger constructor receives the following optional arguments:

Name Type Description
app_id int The app id for the newrelic APM
app_name str The app name for the newrelic APM
license_key str The license_key for comunicating with the new relic api
region str The region for newrelic, either "US" or "EU"
log_level ENUM The numeric level of the logging event (one of DEBUG, INFO etc.)

Environment Variables

Optionally, some arguments can be configured by environment variables. These are:

Name Description
NEW_RELIC_LOGGER_AUTOIMPORT_DISABLE Disable the auto import functionality
NEW_RELIC_APP_ID The app id for the newrelic APM
NEW_RELIC_APP_NAME he app name for the newrelic APM
NEW_RELIC_LICENSE_KEY The license_key for comunicating with the new relic api
NEW_RELIC_REGION The region for newrelic, either "US" or "EU"


Just use the normal python logger, for example, to send an info message:

import logging"This is an info message")

Note: It could be useful to replace the python print function inside your main application to use the implementation. The following code shows how its done.

import logging
logger = logging.getLogger()
print =

print("message") # same as"message")

Running the program

Run the application using the new relic agent either by using the admin script integration, or the manual integration, as mentioned in the documentation. For example, for the admin script:

NEW_RELIC_CONFIG_FILE=newrelic.ini newrelic-admin run-program YOUR_COMMAND_OPTIONS

and for the manual integration:

import newrelic.agent

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