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Simplified python article discovery & extraction.

Project description

Newspaper is a Python 2 library for extracting & curating articles from the web. It is inspired by requests for its simplicity and powered by lxml for its speed.

We support 10+ languages and everything is in unicode!

>>> import newspaper
>>> newspaper.languages()

Your available langauges are:
input code      full name

  ar              Arabic
  de              German
  en              English
  es              Spanish
  fr              French
  it              Italian
  ko              Korean
  no              Norwegian
  pt              Portugease
  sv              Swedish
  zh              Chinese


Newspaper is an amazing python library for extracting & curating articles. – tweeted by Kenneth Reitz, Author of requests

Newspaper delivers Instapaper style article extraction. – The Changelog

A Glance:

>>> import newspaper

>>> cnn_paper ='')

>>> for article in cnn_paper.articles:
>>>     print article.url

>>> for category in cnn_paper.category_urls():
>>>     print category

>>> article = cnn_paper.articles[0]

>>> article.html
u'<!DOCTYPE HTML><html itemscope itemtype="http://...'
>>> article.parse()

>>> article.authors
[u'Leigh Ann Caldwell', 'John Honway']

>>> article.text
u'Washington (CNN) -- Not everyone subscribes to a New Year's resolution...'

>>> article.top_image

>>> article.movies
[u'', ...]
>>> article.nlp()

>>> article.keywords
['New Years', 'resolution', ...]

>>> article.summary
u'The study shows that 93% of people ...'

Newspaper has seamless language extraction and detection. If no language is specified, Newspaper will attempt to auto detect a language.

>>> from newspaper import Article
>>> url = ''

>>> a = Article(url, language='zh') # Chinese

>>> a.parse()

>>> print a.text[:150]
意图和动机。 一些亲北京阵营议员欢迎梁振英道歉,

>>> print a.title

If you are certain that an entire news source is in one language, go ahead and use the same api :)

>>> import newspaper
>>> sina_paper ='', langauge='zh')

>>> for category in sina_paper.category_urls():
>>>     print category

>>> article = sina_paper.articles[0]
>>> article.parse()

>>> print article.text
新浪武汉汽车综合 随着汽车市场的日趋成熟,
另一种轻松的新兴 车模式――金融购车正逐步成为时下消费者购

>>> print article.title
两年双免0手续0利率 科鲁兹掀背金融轻松购_武汉车市_武汉汽


Check out The Documentation for full and detailed guides using newspaper.


  • Works in 10+ languages (English, Chinese, German, Arabic, …)

  • Multi-threaded article download framework

  • News url identification

  • Text extraction from html

  • Top image extraction from html

  • All image extraction from html

  • Keyword extraction from text

  • Summary extraction from text

  • Author extraction from text

  • Google trending terms extraction

Get it now

Installing newspaper is simple with pip. However, you will run into fixable issues if you are trying to install on ubuntu.

If you are not using ubuntu, install with the following:

$ pip install newspaper

$ curl | python2.7

If you are, install using the following:

$ apt-get install libxml2-dev libxslt-dev

$ easy_install lxml  # NOT PIP

$ pip install newspaper

$ curl | python2.7

It is also important to note that the line

$ curl | python2.7

is not needed unless you need the natural language, nlp(), features like keywords extraction and summarization.

If you are using ubuntu and are still running into gcc compile errors when installing lxml, try installing libxslt1-dev instead of libxslt-dev.

Todo List

  • Add a “follow_robots.txt” option in the config object.

  • Bake in the CSSSelect and BeautifulSoup dependencies

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