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Nhentai doujinshi fetcher and downloader

Project description

Nhentai downloader

Python command line program to retrieve information from and download nhentai galleries.

This project idea was inspired by RicterZhen nhentai doujinshi downloader

Support for output the found doujinshi in json or a id list


With pip

pip install nhentai-downloader


git clone
cd nhentai-downloader
python install

Building the windows binary

The available windows binary is built with pyinstaller, to build it yourself, execute the following in windows or wine:

pyinstaller ./nhentai_downloader/ -F -p ./nhentai_downloader --hidden-import=requests --hidden-import=bs4

You must have requests and beaultifulSoup4 already installed prior to building the binary

Available options

To see all command line options for nhentai-downloader, run it with the --help argument:

nhentai-downloader --help

The expected output is:

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit

  -l LOGIN, --login LOGIN
  -p PASSWORD, --password PASSWORD

  -V, --verbose         Print aditional debug information

File options:
  --dir [DIR], -D [DIR]
                        Directory for saved files, defaults to ./nhentai/
                        Output filename, empty by default
                        Extract doujinshi from input file
  --json                Switch between id list and json outputs

Search options:
  --search              Sets whether it will get doujinshi from favorites or
                        site-wide search
  --id [ID [ID ...]]    Fetch doujinshi from supplied ids
  -t [TAGS [TAGS ...]], --tags [TAGS [TAGS ...]]
                        Narrow doujinshi down by tags
  --page INITIAL_PAGE   Initial page
  --max-page LAST_PAGE  Last page

Download options:
  --download            Download found doujinshi
  --overwrite-disable   Overwrite already downloaded images
  --threads THREADS     How many download threads the program will use


For more information on usage, please read the full list of options

Only fetch metadata (don't download)

Do not supply the --download argument. The program by default only fetch metadata

Download doujinshi by ids

nhentai-downloader --download --id ID1 ID2 ID3 ID4

Search and download doujinshi

nhentai-downloader --search --download -t TAG1 TAG2 TAG3

Download doujinshi from your favorites

nhentai-downloader --login USERNAME --password PASSWORD --download

Download in specified direcory

nhentai-downloader --dir /path/to/download [Remaining arguments]

The dir argument is also used to determine where the output file will be written

Do not overwrite already downloaded files

nhentai-downloader --overwrite-disable [Remaining arguments]

Restrict initial and max page for fetching

nhentai-downloader --search TAG1 TAG2 --page 2 --max-page 4

Have the program output results to a file

To enable output, the output filename must be given. If the format is not specified, the program will assume a id list

For json:

nhentai-downloader --json --output doujinshi.json [Remaining options]

For id list

nhentai-downloader --output list.txt [Remaining options]

Project details

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