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Generate family trees from genealogic information written in simple yaml format.

Project description

Nissaga, genealogy tree generator

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Nissaga can be used to generate Genealogy trees from a simple data description in YAML.

Example: Modern Family Genealogy

Nissaga is a Catalan word for lineage.


pip install nissaga

You need to install graphviz. Not the python wrapper library, but the program itself.


The command line interface is still quite simple and future versions will evolve it to a more powerful one. Right now it works like this:

nissaga myfamily.yaml

This generates a file myfamily.pdf

You can specify a second parameter to choose the output format: png, svg or any supported by graphviz.

nissaga myfamily.yaml svg

Input file

The input file follows this Schema documented here

A simple example:

    fullname: Alférez Boye, Carmen
    born: 1988-06-12
    fullname: Alférez Boye, Diana
    born: 1985-07-04
    fullname: Alférez Esquerra, Fran
    born: 1957-03-23
    fullname: Boye Gener, Hipatia
    born: 1951-10-28
    fullname: Boye Isidro, Javier
    born: 1932-07-22
    died: 2013-03-19
    fullname: Gener Krahe, Laura
    born: 1933-02-12
    died: 2017-09-19
    fullname: Alférez Miró, Natanael
    born: 1944-04-15
    fullname: Esquerra Olivera, Pandora
    born: 1931-01-13
    died: 2007-05-19

  - parents: [mom, dad]
    children: [sis, me] 
  - parents: [dadgranma, dadgranpa]
    children: [dad]
  - parents: [momgranma, momgranpa]
    children: [mom]

Differences with kingraph

This application was started as a clone of the functionality of kingraph to overcome performance and scalability problems with big trees, and also to extend its functionality.

So, it is mostly back compatible with kingraph format.

The following kingraph features are not supported:

  • family.children2 and family.parents2 relations are not yet supported

The following features have been introduced by nissaga, and are not available in kingraph (but the yaml would be still compatible).

  • Rich person boxes with dates, photos and separated first name and surname.
    • person.born maybe set to a date, and will appear as *YYYY-MM-DD bellow the person's name.
    • person.died maybe set to a date or true and will appear as +YYYY-MM-DD bellow the person's name.
    • person.age age of dead, not used, just to keep track of it when that's the only data we have.
    • is a list of pictures files relative to the yaml file. The first one will be added as person's face. The other pics are not used yet.
  • Rich unions with marriage and divorce annotations
    • family.married: defaults to true. Set it to false to indicate unmarried patnership (). Set it to a date to see ⚭YYYY-MM-DD in the union node.
    • family.divorced: defaults to false. Set it to true to indicate a divorce (). Set it to a date to see ⚮YYYY-MM-DD in the union node.
  • Attributes for internal documentation:
    • person.todo a string or list of strings of pending tasks for the person
    • person.from origin of the person (country, city...)
    • person.comments a string or list of strings of comments
    • family.notes a string or list of strings of notes
    • documentation about the family. A list of document paths relative to the yaml file. Not used yet but it is suposed to provide links to the research sources.

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