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noobhack helps you ascend at nethack

Project description

# nethack is hard

[NetHack]( is hard. noobhack makes it easier. It remembers stuff about the Mazes of Menace that would otherwise be tedious for you.

# how does noobhack help me?

  • Found a rare bookshop but don’t have the means to pay, the cunning to steal, or the muscle to murder? noobhack remembers features about the dungeon so you can come back later when you’re a dragon riding badass.

  • Know how to price-identify, but can’t be bothered to calculate it yourself? noobhack automatically price identifies items for you when the shopkeeper makes his offer. Subverting the plutocratic corporate shopkeepers fat cats.

  • Hear a sound in the dungeon and not sure what it means? noobhack translates noises and remembers the important ones.

  • &tc. and so forth…

# awesome! how do i get started?

Installing noobhack is easy for the gentleman adventurer who uses pip.

$ pip install noobhack

Or for those old buggers amongst us, easy_install works just as well.

$ easy_install noobhack

Start noobhack by typing

% noobhack

This will start a normal game of nethack. You can play nethack without ever consulting noobhack, but if you want to consult the helper console simply press tab. To dismiss it press tab again.

You can also open the map mode by typing the backtick key ‘`’ and dismiss it again by pressing the same. When in map mode, you can scroll the map with the ‘h’, ‘j’, ‘k’, and ‘l’ keys (just like walking in the game)

# but explanations are boring, show me screenshots!

![Map]( ![Map 2]( ![DEC Graphics]( ![Price ID 2]( ![Price ID Selling]( ![Price ID](

# does noobhack work on public servers like (NAO)?

Yup, you can start a remote game by doing something like:

% noobhack -h

# but, noobhack doesn’t do (pudding farming | automatically solve sokoban | ascend for me)!

Fret not, noobhack allows you to write your own plugins!

more plugin documentation coming soon

# isn’t this cheating?

Some people might (and I suspect will) consider noobhack cheating. However, before you start chuggin’ a gallon of haterade, consider this:

  • noobhack doesn’t actual know anything other than what it sees on screen.

  • I spent more time working on noobhack than most people spend ascending.

  • Screw you, it’s not cheating.

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