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nose2 plugin for coverage reporting, including subprocesses and multiprocessing

Project description

This plugin produces coverage reports. It also supports coverage of subprocesses.

All features offered by the coverage package should be available, either through nose2-cov or through coverage’s config file.


Install with pip:

pip install nose2-cov


Uninstall with pip:

pip uninstall nose2-cov
pip uninstall cov-core


The following will report on the combined coverage of the main process and all of it’s subprocesses:

nose2 --with-cov testfoo

Shows a terminal report:

---------- coverage: platform linux2, python 2.7.1-final-0 -----------
Name      Stmts   Miss  Cover
testfoo      17      9    47%


It is possible to generate any combination of the reports for a single test run.

The available reports are terminal (with or without missing line numbers shown), HTML, XML and annotated source code.

The terminal report without line numbers (default):

nose2 --with-cov --cov-report term testfoo

---------- coverage: platform linux2, python 2.7.1-final-0 -----------
Name      Stmts   Miss  Cover
testfoo      17      9    47%

The terminal report with line numbers:

nose2 --with-cov --cov-report term-missing testfoo

---------- coverage: platform linux2, python 2.7.1-final-0 -----------
Name      Stmts   Miss  Cover   Missing
testfoo      17      9    47%   1-6, 9, 11, 13, 17, 19

The remaining three reports output to files (useful for when the output is going to a continuous integration server):

nose2 --with-cov --cov-report html --cov-report xml --cov-report annotate testfoo

Coverage Data File

The data file is erased at the beginning of testing to ensure clean data for each test run.

The data file is left at the end of testing so that it is possible to use normal coverage tools to examine it.

Coverage Config File

This plugin provides a clean minimal set of command line options that are added to nose2. For further control of coverage use a coverage config file.

For example if tests are contained within the directory tree being measured the tests may be excluded if desired by using a .coveragerc file with the omit option set:

nose2 --with-cov --cov-config .coveragerc testfoo

Where the .coveragerc file contains file globs:

omit = tests/*

For full details refer to the coverage config file documentation.

Note that this plugin controls some options and setting the option in the config file will have no effect. These include specifying source to be measured (source option) and all data file handling (data_file and parallel options).


For subprocess measurement environment variables must make it from the main process to the subprocess. The python used by the subprocess must have nose2-cov installed. The subprocess must do normal site initialisation so that the environment variables can be detected and coverage started.


Whilst this plugin has been built fresh from the ground up it has been influenced by the work done on pytest-coverage (Ross Lawley, James Mills, Holger Krekel) and nose-cover (Jason Pellerin) which are other coverage plugins.

Ned Batchelder for coverage and its ability to combine the coverage results of parallel runs.

Holger Krekel for pytest with its distributed testing support.

Jason Pellerin for nose.

Michael Foord for unittest2.

No doubt others have contributed to these tools as well.

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