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NovelAI Python Binding With Pydantic

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✨ NovelAI api python sdk with Pydantic, modern and user-friendly.

The goal of this repository is to use Pydantic to build legitimate requests to access the NovelAI API service.

Python >= 3.9 is required.

Roadmap 🚧

  • tool.random_prompt
  • tool.paint_mask
  • tool.image_metadata
  • /ai/generate-image
  • /user/subscription
  • /user/login
  • /user/information
  • /ai/upscale
  • /ai/generate-image/suggest-tags
  • /ai/generate-voice
  • /ai/generate-stream
  • /ai/generate
  • /ai/annotate-image
  • /ai/classify
  • /ai/generate-prompt

GenerateImageInfer.calculate_cost is correct in most cases, but please request account information to get accurate consumption information.

This repo is maintained by me personally now. If you have any questions, please feel free to open an issue.

Usage 🖥️

pip install novelai-python

More examples can be found in the playground directory, read code as documentation.

import asyncio
import os

from dotenv import load_dotenv
from pydantic import SecretStr

from novelai_python import GenerateImageInfer, ImageGenerateResp, ApiCredential

enhance = "year 2023,dynamic angle,  best quality, amazing quality, very aesthetic, absurdres"
session = ApiCredential(api_token=SecretStr(os.getenv("NOVELAI_JWT")))  # pst-***

async def main():
    gen = await"1girl,{enhance}")
    cost = gen.calculate_cost(is_opus=True)
    print(f"charge: {cost} if you are vip3")
    resp = gen.request(session=session)
    resp: ImageGenerateResp
    file = resp.files[0]
    with open(file[0], "wb") as f:

loop = asyncio.get_event_loop()


import asyncio
import os

from dotenv import load_dotenv
from pydantic import SecretStr

from novelai_python import APIError, LoginCredential
from import TextLLMModel, LLM

username = os.getenv("NOVELAI_USER", None)
assert username is not None
# credential = JwtCredential(jwt_token=SecretStr(jwt))
login_credential = LoginCredential(

async def chat(prompt: str):
        agent =, model=TextLLMModel.Kayra)
        result = await agent.request(session=login_credential)
    except APIError as e:
        raise Exception(f"Error: {e.message}")
    print(f"Result: \n{result.text}")

loop = asyncio.get_event_loop()

Random Prompt

from novelai_python.tool.random_prompt import RandomPromptGenerator

prompt = RandomPromptGenerator(nsfw_enabled=False).random_prompt()

Run A Server

pip install novelai_python
python3 -m novelai_python.server -h '' -p 7888

Acknowledgements 🙏




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