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NPR cloud framework

Project description


This module provides a simple framework for working with NPR's cloud services.

You can install this module via:

.. code-block:: python

pip install npr


Begin by authenticating your app. Auth will walk you through key creation.

.. code-block:: python

import npr


.. code-block:: bash

To authenticate your app:
1. LOGIN to (if it's your first time, you'll need to register.)
2. Open the dev console (drop down in the top right corner of dev center)
3. Create a new application
4. Select that application and enter your credentials below
Application ID:

Fill in your application ID and secret at the prompts. Once verified, you must login:

.. code-block:: python



.. code-block:: bash

Go to login and enter:

The script will poll the npr auth server every 5 seconds until you login and it gets a token.
Then it will store your token and you shant (SHANT!) have to do this again.

Common variables:
The most common variables for many classes have already been loaded into the namespace,
and you can access these in the asset dictionary:

.. code-block:: python

stations = npr.Stations('boston')


.. code-block:: bash
{'id': '330',
'mp3': '',
'name': 'WBUR',
'station': [{'id': '330',
'mp3': '',
'name': 'WBUR',
'stream': ''},
{'id': '396',
'mp3': '',
'name': 'WGBH Radio',
'stream': ''},
{'id': '168809220', 'name': 'WGBH'}],
'stream': ''}

Because they are in the namespace, you can use dot notation to access any of the first-level

.. code-block:: python


.. code-block:: bash


Custom variables:

You can also use a reverse lookup to find the keys to your own variables:

.. code-block:: python

search = npr.Search('Hidden Brain')


.. code-block:: bash

"audioTitle": "Ep. 64: I'm Right, You're Wrong",
"date": "2017-03-13T21:00:19-04:00",
"description": "There are some topics
"items": [],
"links": {
"audio": [
"content-type": "audio/mp3",
"href": "
. . .

And, using the above output, query to find the key to **Ep. 64: I'm Right, You're Wrong**

.. code-block:: python

search.find("Ep. 64: I'm Right, You're Wrong")


.. code-block:: bash

Ep. 64: I'm Right, You're Wrong .response['items'][0]['items'][2]['attributes']['audioTitle']

And now you can loop through all the recent episodes:

.. code-block:: python

for episode in search.response['items'][0]['items']:


.. code-block:: bash

Ep. 66: Liar, Liar
Episode 65: Tunnel Vision
Ep. 64: I'm Right, You're Wrong

To grab **more than the last three episodes** from this aggregation, you'll need to lookup
the affiliate code and pass it to the **Agg class**:

.. code-block:: python

hiddenBrain = Agg('510308')

Build an NPR One app:

This won't help you play audio through a speaker, but it'll get you the data you need. First, initialize your player:

.. code-block:: python

player = npr.One()

Now pass the title of the story to your display and the story audio to your player, use:

.. code-block:: python


To get the next segment, use:

.. code-block:: python



.. code-block:: python


...depending on the user action. Then you call to play the next segment.

Explore Tab:

The channel endpoint just lets you know what collections are available. You'll need a distinct call for each row (collection) in the explore tab. So to initialize the explore object and see all the stories in the third row, use:

.. code-block:: python

explore = npr.Channels()

Authentication functions:

| **npr.auth()** - authenticates your app with your developer credentials from
| **npr.login()** - returns a short code your user can enter at, which will deliver a bearer token to your app
| **npr.logout()** - removes the user's bearer token from your app. Remember to logout before distributing your app.
| **npr.deauth()** - removes your developer credentials from the app by deleting the npr.conf file

Endpoint classes:

| **npr.Station(orgId)** - returns metadata about an NPR station, where 'orgId' is the orgId of the station.
| **npr.Stations('query')** - returns metadata about NPR stations that match a query (call letters, zip code, city, or any indexed value)
| **npr.Stations(lat,lon)** - returns metadata about NPR stations at a location (lon should be negative, because all our stations are west of the meridian)
| **npr.Search('query')** - returns programs or episode titles with a term that matches your 'query'
| **npr.searchall('query')** - returns any story with a term that matches your 'query'
| **npr.User()** - returns data (including content preferences) about the logged in user
| **npr.Recommend()** - returns a list of recommended audio for the logged in user.
| **npr.One()** - Like recommend, except you can advance to the next segment via skip() and complete()
| **npr.Agg()** - returns audio segments from the selected aggregation (aka affiliation)
| **npr.Channels()** - returns channels from the explore tab, which, along with fetch(row) will also return segments.

Endpoint helper functions:

| **** - Lists example endpoint calls
| <YOUR OBJECT NAME> **.a** - Lists variables loaded into the namespace of the current object.
| <YOUR OBJECT NAME> **.response** - the json response from the endpoint
| <YOUR OBJECT NAME> **.pretty()** - prints the json output in human-readable form
| <YOUR OBJECT NAME> **.find('your json value')** - returns the json key path for the value you entered

Full endpoint documentation is available at

Packaging for PyPI:

- from npr/npr, type the command:

.. code-block:: bash

pasteurize -w

- open npr/tests/test.ipynb in jupyter and run some of the tests
- increment the version number in npr/ and add any new dependencies

.. code-block:: bash


- push new code to github
- from repo root (npr) build the package:

.. code-block:: bash

python sdist bdist_wheel

- update twine (optional) and upload it to PyPI:

.. code-block:: bash

pip install --upgrade twine
twine upload dist/* --skip-existing

- uninstall and reinstall npr on your machine.

.. code-block:: bash

pip uninstall npr
pip install npr

(pat yourself on the back)

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