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This module contains most of the Python components for NucliaDB:

  • ingest
  • reader
  • writer
  • search
  • train

NucliaDB Migrations

This module is used to manage NucliaDB Migrations.

All migrations will be provided in the migrations folder and have a filename that follows the structure: [sequence]_[migration name].py. Where sequence is the order the migration should be run in with zero padding. Example:

Each migration should have the following:

from nucliadb.migrator.context import ExecutionContext

async def migrate(context: ExecutionContext) -> None:
    Non-kb type of migration. Migrate global data.

async def migrate_kb(context: ExecutionContext, kbid: str) -> None:
    Migrate kb.

    Must have both types of migrations.

How migrations are managed

  • All migrations utilize a distributed lock to prevent simulateously running jobs

  • Global migration state:

    • current version
    • target version
    • KBs to migrate
  • KB Migration State:

    • current version
  • Migrations are currently run with a deployment and will be continuously retried on failure.

  • Running migrations in a deployment is to make sure a migration does not prevent code deployment.

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