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Ultra fast JSON encoder and decoder for Python with NumPy support

Project description

nujson: The UltraJSON Fork That Support Numpy Serialization

Inspired by Pandas' ujson

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How to install

Python version: Python2.7, Python3.5+

Using pip:

pip install nujson

Clone and install:

# git clone
git clone

# Don't use `python install`
# NumPy will install automatically
pip install -e .

If get error like this:

ERROR: Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement numpy>=1.16.4 (from nujson) (from versions: 1.9.3)
ERROR: No matching distribution found for numpy>=1.16.4 (from nujson)

Try this:

pip uninstall numpy
pip install numpy==1.16.4
pip install nujson


>>> import numpy as np
>>> import nujson as ujson
>>> a = {"a": np.int64(100)}
>>> ujson.dumps(a)
>>> a["b"] = np.float64(10.9)
>>> ujson.dumps(a)
>>> a["c"] = np.str_("12")
>>> ujson.dumps(a)
>>> a["d"] = np.array(list(range(10)))
>>> ujson.dumps(a)
>>> a["e"] = np.repeat(3.9, 4)
>>> ujson.dumps(a)

Why make such a package and what is modified

On Python3, some data types of NumPy is not serializable. Here is some references we searched:

One solution is type conversion like: int(numpy.int64) and numpy.array.tolist(). But it's not good for performance. After searching Internet, find a no longer maintained project Komnomnomnom/ultrajson recommond to use Pandas' ujson.

We tried but found Pandas is to heavy for our projects. So we decide to build our own light weight fork. Currentltly, the esn's ujson master branch has some problems we need to solve, and the master branch is based on the the v1.35 ujson.

The main point is convert NumPy data type in C, with calling NumPy's header. Commit 187bd15 has the most changes we made to support NumPy, and Commit afedc42 fix a build issue on macOS caused by Clang.

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nujson-1.35.2.tar.gz (187.2 kB view hashes)

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