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Command line tool for nuking a directory 💥

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Command line tool for nuking a directory 💥.


Installing nuke is intended to be super easy. The only dependency is a supported Python interpreter. You can get nuke via pip:

$ pip install nuke

nuke is supported for Python 3.7+.


The most common usage of nuke is when you wish to recreate a build directory for a build program such as CMake.

To use nuke, you just call nuke from the command line and specify the directory you wish to nuke:

$ nuke path/to/directory

If you are already in the directory you wish to nuke, you don't need to exit the directory. Calling nuke without any arguments will nuke the current directory:

$ nuke  # same as "nuke ."

Since nuking is a dangerous operation and you don't want to inadvertently delete something important, nuke always asks you to confirm the nuking of a directory. If you wish to override this since you know what you are doing or you wish to use nuke in a shell script, you can pass in the -y flag:

$ nuke -y /path/to/dir/

You can also specify a .nukeignore file inside the directory to be nuked. This works similar to the .gitignore file. Every file that matches a pattern in the .nukeignore is ignored and spared from a gruesome fate of its eligible siblings.

For example:


will result in all .py files not being nuked.

Suppose you just want to see what files will be nuked without actually deleting them, you can then run nuke -l /path/to/dir, and this will print out the directory tree of all the files that will be nuked.

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