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Wiki Creole 1.0 markup parser (C extension)

Project description

NxCreole Wiki Parser

NxCreole is a parser for Wiki Creole 1.0 text markup (

The parser is written in C and can be used both directly or as Python extension.
When called from Python it is 10x to 100x times faster than native Python parsers.

License: LGPLv3


Clone source, then execute:

- python install
- python tests/

Or install from PyPi and use in your code:

- pip install nxcreole
- import nxcreole
- print nxcreole.render_xhtml(u'**Hello!**')

Easily customizable. You can override all serialization primitives defined in
(eg, append_text, append_link, append_table_cell_open, append_paragraph_close,
and so on), by inheriting from nxcreole.CreoleParser class.


NxCreole supports all Creole 1.0 features with the following extensions:

- Nowiki blocks and spans {{{...}}} can start and end anywhere (within text, in lists,
table cells). If }}} needs to be included into nowiki-block it has to be escaped by ~}}}.
If nowiki block has to end with tilde (~), insert newline after tilde; for inline nowiki
just put tilde outside nowiki block: nowiki~.
- Nowiki is treated as a block if it has newline characters within it. Block nowikis
are rendered with < pre > tag, inline nowikis rendered without any additional tags around
(monospaced font can be turned on by ##).
- Ordered/unordered lists can be intermixed when nesting (eg, #*#).
- Support for underlined (__) and monospaced (##) font styles.
- Quotes (>), indents (:), and centered paragraphs (!). These can be intermixed with lists (*#).
- Unnumbered lists can be done with minus (-) character as well as with (*).
- Table cells can span multiple columns (by using multiple pipes in a row: |||).
- Double minus (--) surrounded by spaces produces n-dash (–).
- Simplified Mediawiki-style multiline tables ({| ... | ... |- ... | ... |}) to allow
structured wiki content within table cells.

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