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Python OAR Library

Project description

Python OAR Common Library

Python version of OAR Common Library

Read Configuration

>>> from oar import config
>>> config.load_file("/path/to/config")
>>> config.get_namespace('OARSUB_')
{'default_resources': '/resource_id=1', 'force_job_key': 'no', 'nodes_resources': 'network_address'}

Query the database

>>> from oar import db, Resource
>>> db
<Database engine=None>
>>> db.query(Resource).first()
<oar.models.Resource object at 0x2becb10>
>>> Resource.query.first()
<oar.models.Resource object at 0x2becb10>
>>> db
<Database engine=Engine(postgresql://oar:***@server:5432/oar)>
>>> for r in Resource.query.filter(Resource.core > 3).limit(2):
...     print(, r.network_address)
(12L, u'node3')
(9L, u'node3')
>>> req = db.query(, Resource.network_address)
>>> req.filter(Resource.core > 3).limit(2).all()
[(12L, u'node3'), (9L, u'node3')]


Logging from the root logger:

>> from oar import logger as log
>>"Init confiuration")
## [INFO] [2014-12-05 14:13:42,239] [oar]: Init confiuration

Logging from your own sublogger:

>> from oar import get_logger
>> log = get_logger("oar.kao")
>> log.error("fatal error")
## [ERROR] [2014-12-05 14:14:32,116] [oar.kao]: fatal error

OAR lib changes

Version 0.4.1

Released on September 30th 2015

  • [all] Switched the license to BSD

  • [all] Dropped python 3.3 support

  • [all] Little code refactoring

  • [database] Supported session read-only mode via oar_reader user

  • [database] engine.execute is not used directly anymore, prefer session.execute

  • [database] Used the same database connection with alembic and sqlalchemy

  • [database] Added ephemeral session context manager that will rollback the transaction at the end

  • [database] Added method to quickly show the database content

  • [database] Used truncate instead of delete on postgresql in db.delete_all()

  • [database] db.close() method closes the session and disposes the engine

  • [database] Fixed db.close method by removing deadlock

  • [database] Raised KeyError exception from Database if wanted Model or Table are missing

  • [database] Configured automatically default table args with DeclarativeMeta class

  • [database] Created DeferredReflectionModel metaclass per Database instance to avoid conflict during database reflection

  • [database] Collected declared tables and models when they are defined

  • [database] Avoided circular import of db object

  • [database] Generated a tablename if none specified

  • [models] The __repr__ method in Model classes include the identity of the object (primary key)

  • [models] Set column Resource.scheduler_priority to BigInteger

  • [models] Added BaseModel.to_json method() method to convert a sqlalchemy entity to json

  • [models] Added BaseModel.to_dict() method to convert a sqlalchemy entity to a dictionary

  • [models] Fixed BaseModel.create() method

  • [utils] Added ability to run command without timeout

  • [utils] Used decimal module to check if input is a number

  • [utils] Reset ResultProxyIter iterator automatically

  • [utils] Fixed ResultProxyIter rowcount

  • [utils] Reset cached_property attribut when deleted

  • [utils] Added merge_dicts() that merge given dictionaries into a new dictionary

  • [basequery] Updated Query.render() method to return a special string that have useful __repr__

  • [basequery] Added BaseQuery.get_jobs_for_user() query

  • [test] Tested on postgresql and sqlite-file/memory with tox and

  • [test] Added test helper scripts to populate database

  • [test] Fixed tests on python 3.4

  • [test] More tests

  • [compat] Removed unused SimpleNamespace class from compat module

Version 0.3.0

Released on July 07th 2015

  • [database] Fixed Database.delete_all method to remove all database content

  • [database] Listed all datetime columns in models.TIME_COLUMNS

  • [database] Made table and model import easier with getitem syntax (Eg. db[‘table_name’])

  • [database] Added an alembic operator as Database.op attribut

  • [database] Kept columns order during dictionary conversion

  • [database] Put MySQLdb SSCursor tweak on standby

  • [models] Added ResultProxyIter class that make SQLAlchemy ResultProxies iterable by dicts

  • [models] Fixed columns orders for admission_rules table

  • [models] models.all_tables returns a dictionary with table names as keys now

  • [models] Forwarded log to STDOUT if get_logger(..) receive stdout=True

  • [configuration] New default configuration values for DB_PORT=5432 and DB_TYPE=Pg

  • [configuration] Handled OARCONFFILE environment variable to load OAR configuration

  • [basequery] Added Query.render that generate an SQL expression string from statement

  • [basequery] Added get_gantt_visu_scheduled_jobs_resources method that returns all nodes allocated to a (waiting) reservation

  • [basequery] Added get_assigned_jobs_resources and groups results by job_id

  • [basequery] Optimized get_user_jobs query by using JOIN instead of IN operator

  • [basequery] Loaded only some columns with Load ORM object

  • [utils] Added utils.Command class to run subprocess commands with a timeout option

  • [utils] Moved JSONEncoder class from oar-rest-api to oar-lib

  • [utils] Removed unsed IterStream class

  • [utils] Added utils.row2dict function helpers to convert a RowProxy to a dict

  • [compat] Used simplejson if available

Version 0.2.0

Released on June 23rd 2015

  • [config] Added clear parameter to clear the config before loading a new file

  • [config] only one default configuration file

  • [config] Made load file configuration atomic

  • [config] Warned user when configuration loading failed

  • [compat] Used iterator version of zip and range method

  • [compat] Removed unused string_types

  • [database] pg_bulk_insert that use COPY clause to perform batch inserts

  • [database] Added db.queries object that included all oar-lib sql queries

  • [database] Workaround to support table inheritance and __table_args__

  • [database] Moved the BaseQuery class to the basequery module

  • [models] Added missings relations between tables as dicts

  • [models] Used BigInteger type on Accounting fields

  • [models] Added all_tables method to get all tables

  • [basequery] make models module easier to read

  • [basequery] Added get_job_resources query

  • [basequery] Added filter_jobs_for_user method to build jobs query

  • [basequery] Added get_resources

  • [basequery] Added get_jobs_for_user query

  • [utils] Added IterStream class that give a stream like interface for any iterator

  • Added alembic and sqlalchemy-utils requirements

Version 0.1.1

Released on April 30th 2015

  • Minor bugfixes

Version 0.1.0

Released on April 21st 2015

First public release of oar-lib

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