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Oathkeeper Package

Project description


Created for internal Greendeck use only. Can be used for non-commercial purposes.

Greendeck oathkeeper

A simple library to keeps and maintains all your secret keys, API keys, connection strings and environment variables in a safe place for you to use. Just like Ser Jamie kept his oaths.

You don't need to worry about deployment or maintenance. All you need:

  1. Install the Library
  2. Signup on or contact

About Oathkeeper

Oathkeeper is your omnipresent dictionary of key value pairs. Think of Oathkeeper as remote JSON object. It is compatible with all JSON serializable data-types.

Install from pip

pip install oathkeeper

How to use ?

import Oathkeeper class
from oathkeeper import Oathkeeper
initialize Oathkeeper client connection as per your requirements
# declare variables
oathkeeper_EMAIL = <YOUR_oathkeeper_EMAIL> # signup here:
oathkeeper_PASSWORD = <YOUR_oathkeeper_EMAIL> # signup here:
oathkeeper_ENV = <YOUR_oathkeeper_ENV> # This can be a string; for example, "production", "testing", "staging" etc.
# The default values are oathkeeper_ENV='default'

# Now initialize the Oathkeeper Object
oathkeeper = Oathkeeper(oathkeeper_EMAIL, oathkeeper_PASSWORD, oathkeeper_ENV)
using Oathkeeper

Once, you have the Oathkeeper object for a particular environment. You can set or save key value pairs and get values for any key in that particular environment.

oathkeeper.get(key) # will return the value for the key in your Oathkeeper object. The key needs to be present.
oathkeeper.set(key, value) # will set the key to the provided value in your Oathkeeper object.

How to build your pip package

In the parent directory

  • python sdist bdist_wheel
  • twine upload dist/*


Thank You

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