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Controller for OBIS Lasers.

Project description

OBIS Laser Controller

Controller for OBIS Lasers.

The controller is built off of the easy_scpi. For more info about running custom commands, consult it's documentation.


  • ObisLaserController( port, timeout = 5, auto_off = True ): Creates a new laser controller on the given port. [Inherits from easy_scpi.Instrument]

  • on(): Turns the laser on.

  • off(): Turns the laser off.

  • set_power( power = 0 ): Sets the laser's power.


  • nominal_power: Nominal power of the laser.

  • max_power: Maximum power of the laser.

  • min_power: Minimum power of the laser.

  • wavelength: Wavelength of the laser.

  • power_rating: Power rating of the laser.

  • power: Present output power of the laser.

  • current: Present output current of the laser.

  • enabled(): Returns if the laser is on or off.


from obis_laser_controller import ObisLaserController

# create laser controller and connect to device
laser = ObisLaserController( 'COM16' )

# set power to half of nominal and turn on
laser.set_power( laser.nominal_power / 2 )

# turn laser off and disconnect
# NOTE: By default the laser will turn off when disconnected.

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