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NS1 provider for octoDNS

Project description

NS1 provider for octoDNS

An octoDNS provider that targets NS1.


Command line

pip install octodns-ns1


Pinning specific versions or SHAs is recommended to avoid unplanned upgrades.

# Start with the latest versions and don't just copy what's here
# Start with the latest/specific versions and don't just copy what's here
-e git+
-e git+


    class: octodns_ns1.Ns1Provider
    api_key: env/NS1_API_KEY
    # Only required if using dynamic records
      - lga
    # Optional. Default: false. true is Recommended, but not the default
    # for backwards compatibility reasons. If true, all NS1 monitors will
    # use a shared notify list rather than one per record & value
    # combination. See CHANGELOG,
    #, for more
    # information before enabling this behavior.
    shared_notifylist: false
    # Optional. Default: None. If set, back off in advance to avoid 429s
    # from rate-limiting. Generally this should be set to the number
    # of processes or workers hitting the API, e.g. the value of
    # `max_workers`.
    parallelism: 11
    # Optional. Default: 4. Number of times to retry if a 429 response
    # is received.
    retry_count: 4
    # Optional. Default: None. Additional options or overrides passed to
    # the NS1 SDK config, as key-value pairs.
        endpoint: my.nsone.endpoint # Default:
        ignore-ssl-errors: true     # Default: false
        follow_pagination: false    # Default: true
    # Optional. Default: false. Use modern HTTP monitor (true) or the legacy
    # HTTP-emulating TCP monitor (false) for HTTP(s) healthchecks.
    use_http_monitors: false
    # Optional. Default: HTTP/1.0. Default HTTP protocol to use when
    # health-checking dynamic record endpoints. See "Health Check Options"
    # README section below to override per dynamic record.
    # This is only supported when use_http_monitors is set to false. If it
    # is set to true, HTTP/1.1 will be used and it cannot be changed.
    default_healthcheck_http_version: HTTP/1.0

Support Information


All octoDNS record types are supported.

Root NS Records

Ns1Provider supports full root NS record management.


Ns1Provider supports dynamic records.

Subnet targeting

Ns1Provider supports subnet targeting in dynamic records.

Health Check Options

See for information on health checking for dynamic records. Ns1Provider supports the following options:

Key Description Default
policy One of:
  1. all - down if every region is down
  2. quorum - down if majority regions are down
  3. one - down if any region is down
frequency Frequency (in seconds) of health-check 60
connect_timeout Timeout (in seconds) before we give up trying to connect 2
response_timeout Timeout (in seconds) after connecting to wait for output 10
rapid_recheck Enable or disable a second, automatic verification test before changing the status of a host. Enabling this option can help prevent false positives. False
http_version Specify HTTP version to use when HTTP health-checking a host. Only applicable if use_http_monitors=False. One of
  1. HTTP/1.0
  2. HTTP/1.1
            policy: quorum
            frequency: 60
            connect_timeout: 2
            response_timeout: 10
            rapid_recheck: True
            http_version: HTTP/1.1


    See the /script/ directory for some tools to help with the development process. They generally follow the Script to rule them all pattern. Most useful is ./script/bootstrap which will create a venv and install both the runtime and development related requirements. It will also hook up a pre-commit hook that covers most of what's run by CI.

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