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A Dockerized environment for Odoo

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Python application

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jeo Software (c) 2021 This code is distributed under the MIT license.

Tool to manage docker based odoo environments. This is a Dockerized Environment to manage Odoo. Two environments are provided debug and prod.

Directory structure

├── odoo-11.0
│   ├── client_one
│   │    ├── config             odoo.conf
│   │    ├── data_dir           filestore
│   │    ├── backup_dir         zip files with backups
│   │    ├── log                odoo.log
│   │    ├── postgresql         postgres database
│   │    └── sources            custom sources
│   ├── dist-local-packages     packages from image for debug
│   └── dist-packages           pagkages from image for debug
└── nginx
    ├── conf
    ├── log
    └── cert


usage: oe [-h] [-i] [-p] [-w] [-R] [-r] [-S] [-s] [-u] [-c CLIENT] [-v]
          [--deactivate] [--debug] [--prod] [--no-repos] [-d DATABASE]
          [-m MODULE] [--nginx] [-Q repo] [--backup-list] [--restore]
          [-f BACKUP_FILE] [-H] [-V]

Odoo Environment Manager v0.10.11 - by jeo Software <>

optional arguments:
  -h, --help          show this help message and exit
  -i, --install       Install. Creates dir structure, and pull all the
                      repositories declared in the client manifest. Use with
                      --debug to copy Odoo image sources to host
  -p, --pull-images   Pull Images. Download all images declared in client
  -w, --write-config  Create / Overwrite config file.
  -R, --run-env       Run postgres and aeroo images.
  -r, --run-cli       Run odoo image
  -S, --stop-env      Stop postgres and aeroo images.
  -s, --stop-cli      Stop odoo image.
  -u, --update        Update modules to database. Use --debug to force update
                      with image sources. use -m modulename to update this
                      only module default is all use -d databasename to update
                      this database, default is clientname_default
  -c CLIENT           Set default client name. This option is persistent
  -v, --verbose       Go verbose mode. Prints every command
  --deactivate        Deactivate database before restore
  --debug             Set default environment mode to debugThis option has the
                      following efects: 1.- When doing an install it copies
                      the image sources to host and clones repos with
                      depth=1002.- When doing an update all, (option -u) it
                      forces update with image sources.This option is
  --prod              Set default environment mode to productionThis option is
                      intended to install a production environment.This option
                      is persistent.
  --no-repos          Does not clone or pull repos when doing -i (install)
  -d DATABASE         Set default Database name.This option is persistent
  -m MODULE           Module to update. Used with -u (update) i.e. -m sale for
                      updating sale module -m all for updating all modules.
                      NOTE: if you perform -u without -m it asumes all modules
  --nginx             Add nginx to installation: Used with -i creates nginx
                      dir with config file. Used with -r starts an nginx
                      container linked to odoo.Used with -s stops nginx
                      container. If you want to add certificates review
                      nginx.conf file located in /odoo_ar/nginx/conf
  -Q repo             Perform QA running tests, argument are repository to
                      test. Need -d, -m and -c options Note: for the test to
                      run the database must be created with demo data and must
                      have admin user with password admin.
  --backup-list       List all backup files available for restore
  --restore           Restores a backup. it uses last backup and restores to
                      default database. You can change the backup file to
                      restore with -f option and change database name -d
  -f BACKUP_FILE      Filename to restore. Used with --restore. To get the
                      name of this file issue a --backup-list command.If
                      ommited the newest file will be restored
  -H, --server-help   Show odoo server help, it shows the help from the odoo
                      imagedeclared in the cliente manifest
  -V, --version       Show version number and exit.


sudo pip install odoo-env
see proyect in


- 0.10.21 change dbtools version to 1.3.0
- 0.10.20 fix --restore --from-server if does not work when base_dir is not default
- 0.10.19 dbtools for postgres 14.2
- 0.10.18 ADD warning if --nginx issued and there are no nginx image on proyect
- 0.10.16 FIX overwrite workers in odoo.conf
- 0.10.15 base_dir parameter on oe_config.yaml
- 0.10.14 add --extract-sources option
- 0.10.13 fix -w to take into account submodules
- 0.10.12 fix -w to take into account not standard repo structure and odoo.conf rights
- 0.10.11 ask before overwriting local image sources
- 0.10.10 minor refactoring, improving doc
- 0.10.9 minor fixes, more documentation
- 0.10.8 improving in writing the odoo.conf
- 0.10.7 Fix bug creating odoo.conf missing data_dir in config.
- 0.10.6 Fix bug creating odoo.conf when there are no config spec is manifest
- 0.10.5 Set parameters in odoo.conf from manifest file.
- 0.10.4 IMP creation of odoo.conf improved in V11 also.
- 0.10.3 FIX nginx config now works behind port redirections
- 0.10.2 FIX collision field in manifest "license"
- 0.10.1 FIX bad filestore dir
- 0.10.0 New manifest syntax, backward compatible.
- 0.9.14 improved creation of odoo.conf, i.e. detect cpu number and
  calculate workers.
- 0.9.13 solved bug when creating nginx config file
- 0.9.12 Get last wdb vesion. Added a check to verify if there is
a new version available in pypi. Fixed copy sources to host.
- 0.9.11 The commands -c and --debug now are persistent.
- 0.8.35 Workaround for mdillon gis database
- 0.8.32 Fix issue with first time installation
- 0.8.30 Add cache file to fix performance issues when we have more
than 15 clients.
- 0.8.29 Modify ssl certificate directories from letsencrypt,
support for oca/letsencript.
- 0.8.27 Fix compatibility issues w/ python3
- 0.8.22 When using the options -i together with --debug, the
dist_packages and extra_addons directories were created with the
image sources but in read-only mode. Now we give them write
permission and a git repository is added to verify if there were
modifications. Option -V is added to show the version.
- 0.8.21 Many improvements on restore database.
- 0.8.20 When option -d not present assume database = client_name +
         "_prod" when option -m is not present asume default "all"
- 0.8.19 Allow options -i and -w to work together
- 0.8.18 add -p command
- 0.8.17 Fix bug in python3 installation
- 0.8.13 Removing edm option (it was a bad idea), rewrite nginx
         config to block /database/manager and /database/selector
- 0.8.12 fix version of wdb image to 3.2.5, latest does not work
- 0.8.11 Fix --nginx installation
- 0.8.10 Add --edm option to allow database manager on production
- 0.8.9  When installed from pip --nginx does not work
- 0.8.8  Disable database manager on login page in prod environment
- 0.8.7  Working on Python 2.7 to 3.7
- 0.8.6  Fix: when installing on prod make a Shallow Clone
- 0.8.5  Fix test (option -Q) failing to run
- 0.8.4  PyPi version increment
- 0.8.3  PyPi version increment
- 0.8.2  Docker installs at the end allowing abort
- 0.8.1  Fix starting debug mode.
- 0.8.0  Use kozera image for wdb, write the nginx.conf with the
         proper client name.
- 0.7.4  New parameter to attach to a running containcer in sd.
         Support for debug image in v11 (python3)
         data/ improvements and fixes
- 0.7.3  if odoo not in manifest do not start image instead showing
         an error
- 0.7.2  start aeroo on v > 9
- 0.7.1  Revert again go https
- 0.7.0  Change protocol from https to ssh in order to use ssh keys.
- 0.6.1  FIX working directory with version > 9. If odoo main
         version was > 9 the directory added a dot ie /odoo-10.0./
- 0.6.0  deprecate dbfilter.
- 0.5.4  illformed manifest causing crash
- 0.5.3  Restore database with bad image
- 0.5.2  sd was not copied to /usr/local/bin
- 0.5.1  change postgres container name to pg-<client name>
- 0.5.0  support for non github repos, i.e. bitbucket, gitlab, etc
- 0.4.6  Odoo v10 do not run aeroo, find manifest
- 0.4.5  Install_scripts now installs python and docker
- 0.4.4  Do not expose 8072 when using Nginx
- 0.4.3  No more rewriting config on update all
- 0.4.2  Expose longpolling port in debug mode
- 0.4.1  Fixes in test invocation
- 0.4.0  Change QA invocation
- 0.3.2  do not overwrite config while making QA
- 0.3.1  Stop images instead of kill them on -s or -S
- 0.3.0  Restore any automatic backup made with database_tools module.
         List all available backup files write config file add help
         option -H (odoo help)
- 0.2.1  bug On QA, expose port 1984 for debug purpoes with WDB
- 0.2.0  Quality Assurance support, Add command sd rmall for removing
         all docker images in memory
- 0.1.0  Nginx support, Script to install docker (in script folder,
         for now you have to execute manually) sd command (short for
         sudo docker plus some enhacements)
- 0.0.2  Minor fixes
- 0.0.1  Starting project

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