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Inventory Mobile App

Project description

License: AGPL-3

Provide light Web app to scan products Barcode and generate Stock Inventories

This module was written to extend the functionality of odoo Stock module.

This module provides a web app designed to work on a Mobile. The app allows user to scan products and select a quantity to inventory. A draft inventory is automatically created and updated.


Company settings

On the company form view, a new tab ‘Inventory Mobile App’ is available with the following settings

  • Create Inventories : If checked, users will have the possibility to create inventories via the mobile application. Otherwise, inventories should have to be created and prepared via the warehouse backoffice.

  • Inventory Mode: Define the kind of UI you want to display in the
    mobile application. Two options are available:
    • Automate: A basic UI will be available with one page by step. scan product -> set quantity -> etc…

    • One Page: A unique page will be displayed with an input where you can scan a location barcode, a product barcode and set the quantity.

  • Allow Unknown Barcodes: If checked, users will have the possibility to scan an unknown barcode and set a quantity. Unknown barcodes will be added in an extra tab available in the inventory view.

  • Display Fields : you can set extra fields that will be displayed when a product is scanned. This feature is interesting to display easily and without custom developpement extra fields of the core, or custom extra fields. A typical use case is to display and check stock quantity information.


Location settings

On the location form view, a new checkbox is available to set if the current location is available via the mobile application. By default, all the internal locations will be displayed.


Localization settings

  • In the mobile application, language is displayed depending on the languages provided by the browser. If you want to manually change it, you can to do so on firefox:

    • go to about:config

    • Change the value of the key intl.accept_languages



The first screen asks Odoo credentials. The user should be member of the Odoo ‘Warehouse / User’ group to log in.

Note: During the log step, mobile app settings are cached in the application. If you so change settings, you should log out and log in again.


Inventory Selection

Once datas are loaded, user can select an existing draft stock inventory he want to complete.


Alternatively, he can create a new stock inventory, tipping an inventory name.


Location Selection

Once the inventory created (or selected), user has to select the location where he is for the time being.


Note: This step will be skipped if there is only one location that can be used by the mobile application.

Product Selection and Quantity Selection (‘Automate’ Mode)

Once the stock inventory is created or selected, the user can select a product, scanning a barcode.


If the EAN13 barcode is recognized, user has to set a quantity to inventory and then validate.


Product Selection and Quantity Selection (‘One Page’ Mode)

In the One Page mode, a unique page is available, that allow user the possibility to scan a product, a location, set a quantity, etc.


Handle duplicated lines

If a line with the same product (and same location) already exists, an extra screen is displayed to propose two options:

  • sum quantities

  • replace the old value by the new one


Technical Informations


This module is designed to work with

  • a Browser running on a Mobile (Firefox Mobile / Chrome / …)

  • a Scan reader communicating with the mobile via Bluetooth (SPP settings)

Implementation Sample

Used Technologies

This module uses extra JS / CSS components.

Available languages

  • English

  • French

If you want to use other languages just copy past the french translation file in the ‘static/www/i18n’ sub folder and propose new translation.

Similar Projects

  • You could be interested by another implementation of similar features ‘stock_scanner’ in the same repository.

  • You could be interested by the same kind of implementation for purchase workflow, that allow to create a purchase_order, with mobile device, scanning barcode and tiping desired quantity. See ‘scan_to_purchase’ module on GRAP github repository


Once installed, assuming that your Odoo instance is accessible by the URL http://localhost:8069/ , the web app can be reached at the URL http://localhost:8069/mobile_app_inventory/static/www/index.html

If you’re testing this module with demo data installed, you can test scanning (or copying values) with the following two barcodes :

  • 5400313040109 : Organic Chips (Paprika)

  • 4260108510016 : Organic Beer (Gluten Free)

Try me on Runbot

Roadmap / Current Limits

  • Dates displays does NOT change depending of the localization of the user

  • JS and CSS lib are hard included. So if many apps are developped, it could be great to have a generic ‘web_ionic’ module that have all tools to avoid to duplicate files. See discussion here

Known Issues

  • Disable Allow Unknown barcode will have no effect in the ‘One Page’ Mode.

  • Databases list on login view displays all databases, while only databases with ‘mobile_app_inventory’ module installed should be displayed. But this feature could not be implemented, due to current Odoo Core limitations

  • Firefox Ionic Bug : The first screen allows user to select database, in a multi database context. This module use ionic select component, that doesn’t not works On Firefox Mobile. See the bug on Ionic Github

  • Chrome Mobile limitation : This module plays mp3 sounds when actions is, done. This feature is not available for Chrome Mobile for the time being, cause Chrome consider that allowing to play a sound without explicit action of the user raises security issues. See the bug on Chromium website

Bug Tracker

Bugs are tracked on GitHub Issues. In case of trouble, please check there if your issue has already been reported. If you spotted it first, help us smashing it by providing a detailed and welcomed feedback.



  • Module Icon is a superposition of Odoo images of Stock module and Point of Sale module. See Copyrights in the original Odoo project


Do not contact contributors directly about support or help with technical issues.


The development of this module has been financially supported by:


Odoo Community Association

This module is maintained by the OCA.

OCA, or the Odoo Community Association, is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support the collaborative development of Odoo features and promote its widespread use.

To contribute to this module, please visit

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