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Neat ODM wrapper around great PyMongo driver

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Documentation: #TODO

Ognom is object-to-document mapper for mongodb. Currently ognom uses pymongo as default backend, but you can easily implement your own backend based on another driver (for example asyncio-mongo) if needed, as serialization and storage logic in ognom are separated.

Supports python2.7+, python3.3+, PyPy.

Documentation: #TODO


pip install ognom




  • Vanilla python, no dependencies;

  • From version 1.0 exposes full pymongo API(!);

  • Easy to write your own backend with your own API.


from ognom.base import ConnectionManager, Document, Collection
from ognom.fields import StringField, IntField

    'main': {  # ognom use aliases for databases to make it possible to use multiple db's per project
        'name': 'birzha_main',
        'args': [''],
        'kwargs': {'socketTimeoutMS': 60000}},})

class Foo(Document):
    objects = Collection(
        collection_name='my_foos'  # collection name (by default 'foos')
            'index': [('bar', 1), ('baz', -1)],
            'background': True}])

    bar = StringField(required=True, default='baaar')
    baz = IntField(choices=[10, 20, 30, 40, 50])

foo1 = Foo.objects.create({'bar': 'lalala'})
assert Foo.objects.get({'bar': 'lalala'}).id ==

foo2 = Foo(bar='lololo', baz=10)
assert is None
assert is not None

foos = Foo.objects.find({'bar': 'lalala'})  # not list but CursorWrapper!
assert len(list(foos)) == 1


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