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Object-Key Mapper for Redis

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Object-Key Mapper for Redis

If you’ve used redis on python, you’ve had to deal with redis keys. Sometimes, lots of redis keys. With so many keys, it’s easy to make mistakes, especially since keys are just strings. I built ok so that I didn’t have to work with strings for redis keys.

Here’s how you use it:

import ok
import redis

class User(ok.Key):
    fields = ['timeline', 'followers', 'following']

# Get user mixxorz' timeline
r = redis.StrictRedis()
r.zrevrange(User('mixxorz').timeline, 0, 50)
# ZREVRANGE User:mixxorz:timeline 0 50

Managing your keys just became a lot less fragile.


Install it from pypi

$ pip install ok-redis


Access fields.

class User(ok.Key):
    fields = ['timeline', 'followers', 'following']

# User:mixxorz:timeline

Chain keys.

class City(ok.Key):
    fields = ['tweets_hll']

class Country(ok.Key):
    subkeys = [City]

# Country:PH:City:Manila:tweets

Subkeys can be an absolute or relative path to a key.

class Refer(Key):
    fields = ['elements']

class Parent(Key):
    subkeys = ['..mod_one.Refer']

# Parent:foo:Refer:bar:elements

The string representation of a Key instance is the key, so you can use it like this:

class User(ok.Key):


But you can also access the key explicitly.

# >>> User:mixxorz

IDs are optional.

class User(ok.Key):
    fields = ['rankings']

# User:rankings

IDs don’t have to be strings

class User(ok.Key)

# User:123

You can change the string used for the key.

class Facebook(ok.Key):
    fields = ['all_posts']
    class_key = 'fb'

# fb:all_posts



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