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Python wrapper for OMDb API:

Project description

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Python wrapper around The Open Movie Database API (a.k.a. OMDb API):

NOTE: This library and its author are not endorsed by or affiliated with


Using pip:

pip install omdb


  • requests >= 2.0.1


Each method supports the same parameters as the OMDb API.


OMDb API Param Param Value Description
s search string (optional) title of media to search for
i imdbid string (optional) a valid IMDb ID
t title string (optional) title of media to return
y year year (optional) year of media
page page page (optional) page to return
Season season season (optional) season number
Episode episode episode (optional) episode number
type media_type string (optional) media type to return (one of movie, episode, or series)
plot=full fullplot=True full include extended plot
plot=short fullplot=False short include short plot (default)
tomatoes=true tomatoes=True true (optional) add Rotten Tomatoes data to response

NOTE: By default all OMDb API responses are formatted as JSON. However, OMDb API also supports responses formatted as XML. Since will handle JSON to dict conversion automatically, it’s generally not necessary (nor is it supported by the main methods) to return XML formatted responses. But this can be accomplished by directly using omdb.request:

import omdb

# must use OMDb API parameters
res = omdb.request(t='True Grit', y=1969, r='xml')
xml_content = res.content


All methods are accessible via:

import omdb

# omdb.<method>
Method Description Returns
get(**params) Generic request to OMDb API (requires keyword argument passing of all parameters). dict
search(search, **params) Search by string. list
search_movie(search, **params) Search movies by string. list
search_episode(search, **params) Search episodes by string. list
search_series(search, **params) Search series by string. list
imdbid(imdbid, **params) Get by IMDB ID dict
title(title, **params) Get by title dict
set_default(key, default) Set default request parameter None


Instead of using the omdb module to access the OMDb API, one can create an OMDBClient instance:

from omdb import OMDBClient

client = OMDBClient(apikey=API_KEY)
Class Methods Description Returns
get(**omdb_params) Generic request to OMDb API which can be used for any type of query. list or dict
request(**omdbapi_params) Lower-level request to OMDb API which accepts URL query parameters supported by OMDb API. request.Response
set_default(key, default) Set default request parameter. None

API Data

API data returned from the OMDb API is returned as a dictionary with their fields converted from CamelCase to underscore_case.

Search Model Fields

OMDb API Field Field
Title title
Year year
Type type
imdbID imdb_id

Get Model Fields (tomatoes=False)

OMDb API Field Field
Title title
Year year
Type type
Actors actors
Awards awards
Country country
Director director
Genre genre
Episode episode
Episodes episodes
Season season
SeriesID series_id
Language language
Metascore metascore
Plot plot
Poster poster
Rated rated
Ratings ratings
Released released
Response response
Runtime runtime
Writer writer
imdbID imdb_id
imdbRating imdb_rating
imdbVotes imdb_votes

Get Model Fields (tomatoes=True)

OMDb API Field Field
Title title
Year year
Type type
Actors actors
Awards awards
Country country
Director director
Genre genre
Episode episode
Season season
SeriesID series_id
Language language
Metascore metascore
Plot plot
Poster poster
Rated rated
Ratings ratings
Released released
Runtime runtime
Writer writer
imdbID imdb_id
imdbRating imdb_rating
imdbVotes imdb_votes
BoxOffice box_office
DVD dvd
Production production
Website website
tomatoConsensus tomato_consensus
tomatoFresh tomato_fresh
tomatoImage tomato_image
tomatoMeter tomato_meter
tomatoRating tomato_rating
tomatoReviews tomato_reviews
tomatoRotten tomato_rotten
tomatoUserMeter tomato_user_meter
tomatoUserRating tomato_user_rating
tomatoUserReviews tomato_user_reviews


General Import

import omdb


All functions below support a timeout keyword argument that will be forwarded to the underlying requests.get function call. You can also set a global default using omdb.set_default('timeout', <timeout>) that will be used when timeout is not explicitly provided.


Usage of the OMDb API currently requires an API key. Set the OMDb API key with omdb.set_default or when creating a new omdb.OMDBClient instance:

# if using the module level client
omdb.set_default('apikey', API_KEY)

# if creating a new client instance
client = omdb.OMDBClient(apikey=API_KEY)


# include full plot and Rotten Tomatoes data
omdb.get(title='True Grit', year=1969, fullplot=True, tomatoes=True)

# set timeout of 5 seconds for this request
omdb.get(title='True Grit', year=1969, fullplot=True, tomatoes=True, timeout=5)


# search movies by string
omdb.search_movie('True Grit')
omdb.search_movie('True Grit', timeout=5)
omdb.search_movie('true', page=2)


# search episodes by string
omdb.search_episode('True Grit')
omdb.search_episode('True Grit', timeout=5)
omdb.search_episode('true', page=2)


# search series by string
omdb.search_series('True Grit')
omdb.search_series('True Grit', timeout=5)
omdb.search_series('true', page=2)


# get by IMDB id
omdb.imdbid('tt0065126', timeout=5)


# get by title
omdb.title('True Grit')
omdb.title('True Grit', timeout=5)


# include tomatoes data by default
omdb.set_default('tomatoes', True)
omdb.title('True Grit') == omdb.title('True Grit', tomatoes=True)

# set a global timeout of 5 seconds for all HTTP requests
omdb.set_default('timeout', 5)


# lower level API request
omdb.request(t='True Grit', y=1969, plot='full', tomatoes='true', timeout=5)


A requests.Response object.

Errors and Exceptions

Under the hood, uses the requests library. For a listing of explicit exceptions raised by requests, see Requests: Errors and Exceptions.

By default requests will not raise an Exception when an HTTP response’s status code is not 200. However, WILL raise an requests.exceptions.HTTPError error for any response with a non-200 status code.


v0.10.1 (2018-12-10)

  • Fix mishandling of fullplot, tomatoes, and timeout parameters in OMDBClient.get() that did not work correctly in conjuction with OMDBClient.set_default().
  • Fix mishandling of type parameter which was not being serialized to API request.

v0.10.0 (2018-04-08)

  • Add methods to OMDBClient that mirror module functions:
    • search()
    • search_movie()
    • search_episode()
    • search_series()
    • imdbid()
    • title()

v0.9.1 (2018-03-24)

  • Remove omdb.models module and return plain dictionaries from search results instead of custom model classes. (breaking change)
    • Previously, one could access result items using attributes (e.g. result.title) or indexes (e.g. result['title']). Now, results are dict objects so must use result['title'].
  • Rename omdb.Client to omdb.OMDBClient. (breaking change)
  • Make omdb.request|omdb.OMDBClient.request use an API key if it’s set.

v0.8.1 (2017-08-10)

  • Add support for OMDb API key via omdb.set_default(apikey=API_KEY) or client = omdb.Client(apikey=API_KEY). Thanks oshribr!
  • Add Epiodes OMDb API fields as episodes model field.

v0.7.0 (2016-08-03)

  • Add support for page parameter to search. Thanks taserian!

v0.6.0 (2016-05-22)

  • Add support for timeout parameter to all HTTP requests.

v0.5.0 (2015-07-29)

  • Add support for Season/Episode OMDb parameter via season/episode arguments to every main API function. Thanks cihansahin!

v0.4.0 (2015-04-29)

  • Add Season, Episode, and SeriesID OMDb API fields as season, episode, and series_id model fields.

v0.3.1 (2015-01-27)

  • Add metadata to main module:

    • __title__
    • __summary__
    • __url__
    • __version__
    • __author__
    • __email__
    • __license__

v0.3.0 (2015-01-13)

  • Add search_movie.
  • Add search_episode.
  • Add search_series.
  • Add support for type OMDb parameter via media_type argument to every main API function.

v0.2.0 (2014-10-16)

  • Update models.Item with additional OMDb API fields: Awards, Country, Language, and Metascore.
  • Add omdb.request method for easier access to raw request response.
  • Initialization of omdb.Client now accepts keyword arguments for API request parameter defaults. Previously, a dict object needed to be passed in.
  • Full PEP8 compliance.
  • Integrate tox testing into

v0.1.1 (2014-02-09)

v0.1.0 (2013-11-24)

  • Convert API response to data models (see omdb/
  • Add /tests folder and move appropriate doctests there.
  • Return empty data for search and get requests which return no record(s).
  • Add omdb.set_default() for setting default request parameters (e.g. set_default(tomatoes=True) to always include tomatoes data)

v0.0.1 (2013-11-12)

  • Initial release.

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