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Python wrapper for SLA's OneMap API

Project description

Python Wrapper for SLA's OneMap API


This package provides a simple way to query data using the OneMap API in Python.

OneMap arranges its API endpoints by groups, and this package is organized to reflect that grouping.

onemap-py allows you to make queries corresponding to the OneMap API, and returns the results to you in a standard python dict.

Sample Usage

import onemap_py
x = onemap_py.Client("", "password")

# Search for an address
# Note: For address search, no authentication required
gh = gh['results'][0] # Take the first result

# For other queries, need to authenticate
x.authenticate() # if email and password were None, interactive prompt

# Get planning area for Grand Hyatt
planning_area = x.PlanningAreas.find_planning_area(gh['LATITUDE'], gh['LONGITUDE'])
planning_area = planning_area['pln_area_n'] # Get the name

# Get some population-related information for the planning area
avail_data = x.Population.available_data_types # find all available data types supported by the OneMap API
x.Population.get_population_data("age", year = 2018, planning_area=planning_area)

# Get route from Grand Hyatt to, say, Changi Airport Terminal 3
x.Router.supported_route_types # ['walk', 'drive', 'cycle', 'pt']
changi_airport ="CHANGI AIRPORT TERMINAL 3")['results'][0]
x.Router.route_from_postal(gh['POSTAL'], changi_airport['POSTAL'], route_type='drive')



Main class that encapsulates all classes defined in other modules. Client itself is a subclass of OneMap, but also has attributes Router, PlanningAreas, Population, and Themes.


Provides basic functionality such as address search, coordinate conversion, and authentication.


Provides functionality to query routes between 2 points. Currently supports (lat,lng)->(lat,lng) or postal->postal


Provides functionality to retrieve planning areas, including geospatial boundaries.


Handles all population-related queries, including education level, economic status, work income, marital status etc. Use Population.available_data_types to see available data types

For a full list of data provided by OneMap, you can refer to their documentation.


Thematic information from various agencies in Singapore.

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