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A Python package for creating ontology documentation

Project description


Ontodocs is a Python command line application aimed at facilitating the creation of documentation for ontologies encoded in RDF/OWL.



That's the kind of documentation OntoDocs can generate out-of-the-box. For even more examples, take a look at this page.


pip install ontodocs -U


Ontodocs allows to generate documentation for an RDF vocabulary, using visualization algorithms that create simple HTML pages, Markdown files, or more complex javascript interactive charts based on D3.js.

> Ontodocs -h
Usage: ontodocs [OPTIONS] [SOURCE]...

  Ontodocs allows to create  documentation for ontologies encoded in


  > ontodocs --theme random -o

  ==> generates html docs for the SKOS ontology and save it to your desktop

  -o, --outputpath TEXT  Output path (default: home folder).
  -t, --title TEXT       Title for the visualization (default=graph uri).
  --theme TEXT           CSS Theme for the html-complex visualization
                         (random=use a random theme).
  --showthemes           Show the available CSS theme choices.
  -v, --verbose          Verbose mode.
  -h, --help             Show this message and exit.

The library is not really meant to be used programmatically, but I'm sure there are a few constructs in there which can be reused.

In a nutshell, all visualizations inherit from a VizFactory class that abstracts away the most common operations involved in rendering a dataviz.

This is how you would invoke a visualization from a script:

import ontospy
from ontodocs.viz.viz_html_single import *

g = ontospy.Ontospy("")

v = HTMLVisualizer(g) # => instantiate the visualization object # => render visualization. You can pass an 'output_path' parameter too
v.preview() # => open in browser


Ontodocs relies on the OntoSpy library, which itself relies on Rdflib.

note: the functionalities of Ontodocs used to be part of OntoSpy until v1.8.

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