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Python Client for ONVIF Camera

Project description


ONVIF Client Implementation in Python

`zeep <>`_ >= 3.0.0

Install python-onvif-zeep
**From Source**

You should clone this repository and run

cd python-onvif-zeep && python install

Alternatively, you can run::

pip install --upgrade onvif_zeep

Getting Started

Initialize an ONVIFCamera instance


from onvif import ONVIFCamera
mycam = ONVIFCamera('', 80, 'user', 'passwd', '/etc/onvif/wsdl/')

Now, an ONVIFCamera instance is available. By default, a devicemgmt service is also available if everything is OK.

So, all operations defined in the WSDL document::


are available.

Get information from your camera

# Get Hostname
resp = mycam.devicemgmt.GetHostname()
print 'My camera`s hostname: ' + str(resp.Name)

# Get system date and time
dt = mycam.devicemgmt.GetSystemDateAndTime()
tz = dt.TimeZone
year = dt.UTCDateTime.Date.Year
hour = dt.UTCDateTime.Time.Hour

Configure (Control) your camera

To configure your camera, there are two ways to pass parameters to service methods.


This is the simpler way::

params = {'Name': 'NewHostName'}

**Type Instance**

This is the recommended way. Type instance will raise an
exception if you set an invalid (or non-existent) parameter.


params = mycam.devicemgmt.create_type('SetHostname')
params.Hostname = 'NewHostName'

time_params = mycam.devicemgmt.create_type('SetSystemDateAndTime')
time_params.DateTimeType = 'Manual'
time_params.DaylightSavings = True
time_params.TimeZone.TZ = 'CST-8:00:00'
time_params.UTCDateTime.Date.Year = 2014
time_params.UTCDateTime.Date.Month = 12
time_params.UTCDateTime.Date.Day = 3
time_params.UTCDateTime.Time.Hour = 9
time_params.UTCDateTime.Time.Minute = 36
time_params.UTCDateTime.Time.Second = 11

Use other services
ONVIF protocol has defined many services.
You can find all the services and operations `here <>`_.
ONVIFCamera has support methods to create new services::

# Create ptz service
ptz_service = mycam.create_ptz_service()
# Get ptz configuration
# Another way
# ptz_service.GetConfiguration()

Or create an unofficial service::

xaddr = ''
yourservice = mycam.create_onvif_service('service.wsdl', xaddr, 'yourservice')
# Another way
# mycam.yourservice.SomeOperation()

python-onvif also provides a command line interactive interface: onvif-cli.
onvif-cli is installed automatically.

Single command example


$ onvif-cli devicemgmt GetHostname --user 'admin' --password '12345' --host '' --port 80
True: {'FromDHCP': True, 'Name': hision}
$ onvif-cli devicemgmt SetHostname "{'Name': 'NewerHostname'}" --user 'admin' --password '12345' --host '' --port 80
True: {}

Interactive mode


$ onvif-cli -u 'admin' -a '12345' --host '' --port 80 --wsdl /etc/onvif/wsdl/
ONVIF >>> cmd
analytics devicemgmt events imaging media ptz
ONVIF >>> cmd devicemgmt GetWsdlUrl
ONVIF >>> cmd devicemgmt SetHostname {'Name': 'NewHostname'}
ONVIF >>> cmd devicemgmt GetHostname
True: {'Name': 'NewHostName'}
ONVIF >>> cmd devicemgmt SomeOperation
False: No Operation: SomeOperation

NOTE: Tab completion is supported for interactive mode.

Batch mode


$ vim batchcmds
$ cat batchcmds
cmd devicemgmt GetWsdlUrl
cmd devicemgmt SetHostname {'Name': 'NewHostname', 'FromDHCP': True}
cmd devicemgmt GetHostname
$ onvif-cli --host -u admin -a 12345 -w /etc/onvif/wsdl/ < batchcmds
ONVIF >>> True:
ONVIF >>> True: {}
ONVIF >>> True: {'FromDHCP': False, 'Name': NewHostname}


* `ONVIF Offical Website <>`_

* `Operations Index <>`_

* `ONVIF Develop Documents <>`_

* `Foscam Python Lib <>`_

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