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Generated gRPC client library for the open-inference-protocol

Project description

Open Inference Protocol gRPC Client

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open-inference-grpc is a generated client library based on the gRPC protocol definition tracked in the open-inference/open-inference-protocol/ repository.


This package requires Python 3.8 or greater.

Install with your favorite tool from

$ pip install open-inference-grpc
$ poetry add open-inference-grpc

A REST-based python client (open-inference-openapi) also exists for the Open Inference Protocol, and can be installed alongside this gRPC client, as both are distributed as namespace packages.


# These dependencies are installed by open-inference-grpc
import grpc
from google.protobuf.json_format import MessageToDict

from open_inference.grpc.service import GRPCInferenceServiceStub
from open_inference.grpc.protocol import (

with grpc.insecure_channel("localhost:8081") as channel:
    client = GRPCInferenceServiceStub(channel)

    # Check that the server is live, and it has the iris model loaded

    # Make an inference request
    pred = client.ModelInfer(
                    "name": "input-0",
                    "datatype": "FP64",
                    "shape": [1, 4],
                    "contents": {"fp64_contents": [5.3, 3.7, 1.5, 0.2]},

# {
#     "modelName": "iris-model",
#     "parameters": {"content_type": {"stringParam": "np"}},
#     "outputs": [
#         {
#             "name": "output-1",
#             "datatype": "INT64",
#             "shape": ["1", "1"],
#             "parameters": {"content_type": {"stringParam": "np"}},
#             "contents": {"int64Contents": ["0"]},
#         }
#     ],
# }
Async versions of the same APIs are also available, use grpc.aio instead to create a channel then await and requests made.
async with grpc.aio.insecure_channel('localhost:8081') as channel:
    stub = GRPCInferenceServiceStub(channel)
    await stub.ServerReady(ServerReadyRequest())


The open-inference-grpc python package relies only on grpcio, the underlying transport implementation of gRPC.


This client is largely generated automatically by grpc-tools, with a small amount of build post-processing in

Run python to build this package, it will:

  1. If proto/open_inference_grpc.proto is not found, download it from open-inference/open-inference-protocol/
  2. Run grpcio_tools.protoc to create the python client
  3. Postprocess filenames and imports
  4. Prepend the Apache 2.0 License preamble
  5. Format with black

If you want to contribute to the open-inference-protocol itself, please create an issue or PR in the open-inference/open-inference-protocol repository.


By contributing to Open Inference Protocol Python client repository, you agree that your contributions will be licensed under its Apache 2.0 License.

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