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Wrapper module for the OpenCage Geocoder API

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OpenCage Geocoding Module for Python

A Python module to access the OpenCage Geocoding API.

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You can find a comprehensive tutorial for using this module on the OpenCage site.


Supports Python 3.7 or newer. Use the older opencage 1.x releases if you need Python 2.7 support.

Install the module:

pip install opencage

Load the module:

from opencage.geocoder import OpenCageGeocode

Create an instance of the geocoder module, passing a valid OpenCage Data Geocoder API key as a parameter to the geocoder modules's constructor:

key = 'your-api-key-here'
geocoder = OpenCageGeocode(key)

Pass a string containing the query or address to be geocoded to the modules' geocode method:

query = '82 Clerkenwell Road, London'
results = geocoder.geocode(query)

You can add additional parameters:

results = geocoder.geocode('London', no_annotations=1, language='es')

For example you can use the proximity parameter to provide the geocoder with a hint:

results = geocoder.geocode('London', proximity='42.828576, -81.406643')
# u'London, ON N6A 3M8, Canada'

Reverse geocoding

Turn a lat/long into an address with the reverse_geocode method:

result = geocoder.reverse_geocode(51.51024, -0.10303)


You can reuse your HTTP connection for multiple requests by using a with block. This can help performance when making a lot of requests:

queries = ['82 Clerkenwell Road, London', ...]
with OpenCageGeocode(key) as geocoder:
    # Queries reuse the same HTTP connection
    results = [geocoder.geocode(query) for query in queries]

Asyncronous requests

You can run requests in parallel with the geocode_async and reverse_geocode_async method which have the same parameters and response as their synronous counterparts. You will need at least Python 3.7 and the asyncio and aiohttp packages installed.

async with OpenCageGeocode(key) as geocoder:
    results = await geocoder.geocode_async(address)

For a more complete example and links to futher tutorials on asyncronous IO see in the examples directory.

Non-SSL API use

If you have trouble accesing the OpenCage API with https, e.g. issues with OpenSSL libraries in your enviroment, then you can set the 'http' protocol instead. Please understand that the connection to the OpenCage API will no longer be encrypted.

geocoder = OpenCageGeocode('your-api-key', 'http')

Command-line batch geocoding

See examples/ for an example to geocode a CSV file.


If anything goes wrong, then an exception will be raised:

  • InvalidInputError for non-unicode query strings
  • NotAuthorizedError if API key is missing, invalid syntax or disabled
  • ForbiddenError API key is blocked or suspended
  • RateLimitExceededError if you go past your rate limit
  • UnknownError if there's some problem with the API (bad results, 500 status code, etc)

Copyright & License

This software is copyright OpenCage GmbH. Please see LICENSE.txt

Who is OpenCage GmbH?

We run a worldwide geocoding API and geosearch service based on open data. Learn more about us.

We also run Geomob, a series of regular meetups for location based service creators, where we do our best to highlight geoinnovation. If you like geo stuff, you will probably enjoy the Geomob podcast.

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