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A curated collection of datasets for data analysis & machine learning, downloadable with a single Python command

Project description


opendatasets is a Python library for downloading datasets from online sources like Kaggle and Google Drive using a simple Python command.


Install the library using pip:

pip install opendatasets --upgrade

Usage - Downloading a dataset

Datasets can be downloaded within a Jupyter notebook or Python script using the helper function. Here's some sample code for downloading the US Elections Dataset:

import opendatasets as od
dataset_url = '''')

dataset_url can also point to a public Google Drive link or a raw file URL.

Kaggle Credentials

opendatasets uses the Kaggle Official API for donwloading dataset from Kaggle. Follow these steps to find your API credentials:

  1. Sign in to, then click on your profile picture on the top right and select "My Account" from the menu.

  2. Scroll down to the "API" section and click "Create New API Token". This will download a file kaggle.json with the following contents:

  1. When you run, you will be asked to enter your username & Kaggle API, which you can get from the file downloaded in step 2.

Note that you need to download the kaggle.json file only once. You can also place the kaggle.json file in the same directory as the Jupyter notebook, and the credentials will be read automatically.

Some interesting datasets

You can find interesting datasets on Kaggle:

You can also create a new dataset on Kaggle by uploading a CSV file here: (make sure to keep your dataset public, otherwise it will not be downloadable)

Other sources to look for datasets:

If you use an external source other than Kaggle, you'll create a new dataset on Kaggle by uploading a CSV file here: (make sure to keep your dataset public, otherwise it will not be downloadable using opendatasets)

Curated Datasets

opendatasets also provides some curated datsets that you can download by passing the Dataset ID to Here's an example:

import opendatasets'stackoverflow-developer-survey-2020')

The following datasets are available for download.

Dataset ID Description Source
stackoverflow-developer-survey-2020 Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2020 Stack Overflow
owid-covid-19-latest Covid-19 Stats by Our World in Data Our World in Data
state-of-javascript-2016 State of Javascript Annual Survey 2016 StateOfJS
state-of-javascript-2017 State of Javascript Annual Survey 2017 StateOfJS
state-of-javascript-2018 State of Javascript Annual Survey 2018 StateOfJS
state-of-javascript-2019 State of Javascript Annual Survey 2019 StateOfJS
countries-languages-spoken Languages Spoken in Different Countries Infoplease

More datasets will be added soon..


This is an open source project and we welcome contributions.

Local Development Setup

  1. Clone the repository:
git clone
  1. Setup the Python environment for development
conda create -n opendatasets python=3.5
conda activate opendatasets
pip install -r requirements.txt
  1. Open up the project in VS code and make your changes. Make sure to install the Python Extension for VS Code and select the opendatasets conda environment.

This package is developed and maintained by the Jovian team.

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