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Open Lobby Server

Project description

# Open Lobby Server

Open Lobby is register of lobby meetings. It’s being developed for and tested on [Czech Pirate Party]( but later it may be used by any party, organization, agency, …

_Open Lobby is in early beta version now. Not for production use._

This is core of the register - server with [GraphQL API]( Over API are connected application interfaces. Default web application is available at [openlobby/openlobby-app](

Register is built on top of [Elasticsearch]( For now it’s intended for search in Czech language with custom Czech text analyzer. There is prepared Elasticsearch Docker container with Czech support at [openlobby/openlobby-es-czech](

## Configuration

Configuration is done by environment variables:
  • DEBUG - Set to any value to turn on debug mode. Don’t use in production!

  • SECRET_KEY - long random secret string (required if not in debug mode)

  • DATABASE_DSN - DSN of PostgreSQL database (default: postgresql://db:db@localhost:5432/openlobby)

  • ELASTICSEARCH_DSN - DSN of Elasticsearch cluster (default: http://localhost:9200)

  • SITE_NAME - site name for OpenID authentication (default: Open Lobby)

  • ES_INDEX - Elasticsearch indices prefix (default: openlobby)

  • REDIRECT_URI - redirect URI used in OpenID Connect authentication (default: http://localhost:8010/login-redirect)
    • put there address where you run server, but keep there /login-redirect

    • this is the Redirect URI for static client registration at OpenID Provider

### Login shortcuts aka preregistered OpenID Clients

Some OpenID Providers does not allow dynamic client registration. You can still use them. Register client with REDIRECT_URI and save client’s credentials into database. You can do it in admin interface running at /admin. It’s standard Django admin (create superuser for yourself like ./ createsuperuser).

## Docker

Docker image is at Docker Hub [openlobby/openlobby-server]( It exposes server on port 8010. You should provide it environment variables for configuration (at least SECRET_KEY).

## Demo

Demo of Open Lobby with instructions is in repository [openlobby/demo](

## Local run and development

### Prerequisites

You need to have Python 3 installed.

Run PostgreSQL database on localhost:5432 with user db, password db and database openlobby. You can provide different address in environment variable DATABASE_DSN.

Run Elasticsearch server [openlobby/openlobby-es-czech]( on http://localhost:9200. You can provide different address in environment variable ELASTICSEARCH_DSN.

### Local run

Clone this repository and run:

  1. make init-env - prepares Python virtualenv in dir .env

  2. source .env/bin/activate - activates virtualenv

  3. make install - installs requirements and server in development mode

  4. make migrate - runs database migrations and rebuilds Elasticsearch index

  5. make run - runs development server on port 8010

Now you can use GraphQL API endpoint and GraphiQL web interface at http://localhost:8010/graphql

Next time you can just do steps 2 and 5.

### Testing

Run: pytest

For full test suite run you have to provide OpenID Provider issuer URL which allows client registration. For example you can run Keycloak sever locally: docker run -e KEYCLOAK_USER=admin -e KEYCLOAK_PASSWORD=pass -p 8080:8080 –rm jboss/keycloak

Login into Keycloak admin console http://localhost:8080/auth/admin/ (as admin/pass) and go to Realm Settings -> Client Registration -> Client Registration Policies -> Trusted Hosts. There add localhost to “Trusted Hosts”, turn off “Host Sending Client Registration Request Must Match” and save it.

Now run: pytest –issuer=http://localhost:8080/auth/realms/master

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