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OpenSlides SAML Plugin

Project description


This plugin for OpenSlides provides a login via a SAML single sign on service.


Note: python3-saml needs thy python package xmlsec which depends on libxml2. Those packages need to be installed on a Debian-like system:

$ apt-get install libxml2-dev libxmlsec1-dev libxmlsec1-openssl pkg-config

For more information about other operating systems or distributions visit


This is only an example instruction to install the plugin on GNU/Linux. It can also be installed as any other python package and on other platforms, e. g. on Windows.

Change to a new directory:

$ cd
$ mkdir OpenSlides
$ cd OpenSlides

Setup and activate a virtual environment and install OpenSlides and the plugin in it:

$ python -m venv .venv
$ source .venv/bin/activate
$ pip install openslides-saml

Start OpenSlides:

$ openslides


Before the first start this line needs to be added to the


If this line isn’t there, the plugin will remind you :).

On startup of OpenSlides the saml_settings.json is created in the settings folder if it does not exist. To force creating this file run:

$ python create-saml-settings [--dir /<path to custom settings dir>/]

The path has to match with the settings path OpenSlides is started with.

For the first part in the settings file refer to python3-saml settings documentation. All settings described there are merged into the saml_settings.json. Also note the README file in the certs folder next to the saml_settings.json.

General Settings

Here you can provide a custom text for the SAML login button. The changePasswordUrl redirects the user to the given URL when click on Change password in the OpenSlides user menu.


The identity provider sends attributes to the plugin if a user sucessfully logged in. To map these attributes to attributes of OpenSlides users, the section attributeMapping exists. The structure is like this:

"attributeMapping: {
    "attributeFromIDP": ["attributeOpenSlidesUser", <used for lookup>],
    "anotherAttributeFromIDP": ["anotherAttributeOpenSlidesUser", <used for lookup>]

All available OpenSlides user attributes are:

  • username: Has to be unique. Identifies the user.

  • first_name: The user’s first name.

  • last_name: The user’s last name.

  • title: The title of the user, e.g. “Dr.”.

  • email: The user’s email addreess.

  • structure_level: The structure level.

  • number: The participant number. This field is not unique.

  • about_me: A free text field.

  • is_active, is_present, is_committee: Boolean flags.

To get detailed information see the

The <used for lookup> has either to be true or false. All attributes with this value being true are used to search for an existing user. If the user is found, the user gets updated with all changed values and used to log in. If the user is not found, it will be created with all values given. Try to choose unique attributes (e.g. the username), attributes you are sure about to be unique (e.g. maybe the number) or use a combination of attributes.


The metadata and requests are prepared for saml, e.g. the port number is needed. If not specified all these values are taken from the requests meta information:

  • https: Either on or off.

  • http_host: The hostname.

  • script_name: The aquivalent to PATH_INFO in the meta values.

  • server_port: The port listen by the server.

These values may be false, because OpenSlides runs on port 8000 behind a webserver redirecting the traffic from port 80 to port 8000. In the section requestSettings you can set these values to overwrite the values get in the meta information.


To contribute to this plugin please create your own fork and work there in a branch different to master. Clone your fork, create a virtual environment and make a link into a development checkout from OpenSlides (refer to this guide):

$ ln -s /<path to this plugin>/openslides_saml /<path to os>/

You just need to add 'openslides_saml' to your to enable this plugin.

For codestyle currently flake8 and isort are checking the code. To install them run a pip install -r requirements.txt. Feel free to add unit or integration testing.

Happy contribution :)

License and authors

This plugin is Free/Libre Open Source Software and distributed under the MIT License, see LICENSE file. The authors are mentioned in the AUTHORS file.


Version 1.0.1 (2018-10-19)

  • Support for OpenSlides 2.3

Version 1.0 (2018-06-22)

  • Initial release. Please read the README for every setting and possibility for customization.

  • Support for OpenSlides 2.2

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