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Python SDK for OpsGenie Web/REST API (Criteo Forks)

Project description

Aim and Scope

OpsGenie Python SDK aims to access OpsGenie Web API through HTTP calls from a client application in Python language.

OpsGenie Python SDK covers:

  • Alert API

Future releases are subject to be delivered for packing more APIs soon.

For more information about OpsGenie Python SDK, please refer to OpsGenie Python API document.


  • The API is specifically built for Python 2.7 but can also be used with other Python versions.

  • Before you begin, you need to sign up OpsGenie if you don’t have a valid account yet. Create an API Integration and get your API key.


To download all packages in the repo with their dependencies, simply execute

pip install opsgenie-sdk

Getting Started

One can start using OpsGenie Python SDK by initializing client and making a request. Example shown below demonstrates how to initialize our Swagger client and make a create alert request.

from opsgenie.swagger_client import AlertApi
from opsgenie.swagger_client import configuration
from opsgenie.swagger_client.models import CreateAlertRequest
from import ApiException

configuration.api_key['Authorization'] = 'YOUR_API_KEY'
configuration.api_key_prefix['Authorization'] = 'GenieKey'

    response = AlertApi().create_alert(body=CreateAlertRequest(message='Hello from OpsGenie Python SDK'))

    print('request id: {}'.format(response.request_id))
    print('took: {}'.format(response.took))
    print('result: {}'.format(response.result))
except ApiException as err:
    print("Exception when calling AlertApi->create_alert: %s\n" % err)

There are useful sample code snippets under samples directory for packages. At the moment, we are continuing to support our old OpsGenie client for creating alerts to new REST API:

from opsgenie import OpsGenie
from opsgenie.swagger_client import CreateAlertRequest
from opsgenie.config import Configuration
from import ApiException

config = Configuration(apikey="YOUR_API_KEY")

client = OpsGenie(config)

    response = client.alert_v2.create_alert(CreateAlertRequest(message="Hello from OpsGenie Python SDK"))
    print 'message: {}'.format(response.message)
    print 'alert id: {}'.format(response.alert_id)
    print 'status: {}'.format(response.status)
    print 'code: {}'.format(response.code)
except ApiException as err:
    print("Exception when calling alert_v2->create_alert: %s\n" % err)

The Web API

Please follow the links below for more information and details about the Web API.

Bug Reporting and Feature Requests

If you like to report a bug, or a feature request; please open an issue.

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