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Docker image builder for Openstack python clients

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Docker image builder for Openstack clients (aka OSCs docker builder)

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A lot of people need install/update/upgrade/downgrade any Openstack python client in any time. Within Docker containers is easy to get an isolated environment with all Openstack clients that you wish, for a specific release from upstream .


Openstack python clients project should have following prerequisites :

  • docker image: Ensure that there is an official python docker image for provided python version parameter.
  • tox : All clients are using tox, and python version parameter will be matched in env list.
  • common release: All clients have to have same release, in other case you must specify different release for a client by property ‘release’ in the osc.yml file to override global release parameter. For example, in the osc.yml you can see that client gnocchi has ‘master’ release instead of ‘stable/newton’.

Build a docker image with OSCs

This module can be installed by pip:

$ pip install osc-docker-builder

Best way to get help about the command is :

osc-builder --help
usage: ocs [-h] [-bp BUILD_PATH] [-f CONFIG_FILE] [-pv PYTHON_VERSION]
           [-r RELEASE] [-c CLIENTS] [-sf] [-v]

Build a docker image with all Openstack clients that you want for a specific
upstream branch and python version

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -bp BUILD_PATH, --build-path BUILD_PATH
                        The build path where files are written.
  -f CONFIG_FILE, --config-file CONFIG_FILE
                        A YAML config file.
  -pv PYTHON_VERSION, --python-version PYTHON_VERSION
                        Python version for docker image
                        base( example :
                        2.7, 3.5.2
  -r RELEASE, --release RELEASE
                        Upstream release.
  -c CLIENTS, --clients CLIENTS
                        Provide all openstack python clients that you want.By
                        defaults only python-openstackclient will be
  -sf, --skip-fails     Skip failures and create the image.
  -v, --verbose         Show details.

Ready for action ?, suppose that you want to create a docker image for these python version and Openstack clients:

osc-builder --python-version 3.4 --clients openstack --clients heat --release stable/newton --build-path /tmp/osc-docker-builder

I recommend you to use a config file (which you could watch under version control system):

osc-builder -f osc.yml

This command can be launched form source code, main function is in osc_docker_builder package :

$ -f osc.yml -bp /tmp/osc-builder

As command execution output we have a docker image ready to be used. Push your images to your private registry or use my images at “engapa” account in

Run docker container

For example, run a container based on latest image for python client 2.7 and release stable/newton :

$ docker run -it -d --name osc engapa/osc:2.7-stable_newton-latest /bin/bash
$ docker ps
CONTAINER ID   IMAGE                               COMMAND     CREATED        STATUS       PORTS  NAMES
1f395d7273b9   engapa/osc:2.7-stable_newton-latest "/bin/bash" 2 seconds ago  Up 3 seconds        osc

Let’s see , for example, the version of the Heat client installed in this container:

$ docker exec -it 1f395d7273b9 /bin/bash -c "heat --version"

If you prefer operate into the container :

$ docker exec -it 1f395d7273b9 /bin/bash
root@1f395d7273b9:/# root@1f395d7273b9:/# pip list --format columns | grep -i "^python-.*client"
python-openstackclient         3.2.1.dev10 /src/python-openstackclient
python-saharaclient            0.18.1.dev1 /src/python-saharaclient
python-searchlightclient       1.0.1.dev1  /src/python-searchlightclient
python-senlinclient            1.0.1.dev14 /src/python-senlinclient
python-solumclient             2.1.2.dev2  /src/python-solumclient
python-swiftclient             3.1.1.dev1  /src/python-swiftclient

Developer mode

Main tasks with code are managed by tox

To get a local virtualenv just type (for python 3.4 use “-e py34” argument):

$ tox -r -e pep8,py27
pep8 recreate: /Users/engapa/Projects/BBVA/EuroCloud/git/osc-docker-builder/.tox/pep8
pep8 installdeps: flake8
pep8 installed: configparser==3.5.0,enum34==1.1.6,flake8==3.2.1,mccabe==0.5.2,pycodestyle==2.2.0,pyflakes==1.3.0,wheel==0.24.0
pep8 runtests: PYTHONHASHSEED='775912511'
pep8 runtests: commands[0] | flake8
py27 recreate: /Users/engapa/Projects/BBVA/EuroCloud/git/osc-docker-builder/.tox/py27
py27 installdeps: -r/Users/engapa/Projects/BBVA/EuroCloud/git/osc-docker-builder/requirements.txt, -r/Users/engapa/Projects/BBVA/EuroCloud/git/osc-docker-builder/test-requirements.txt
py27 develop-inst: /Users/engapa/Projects/BBVA/EuroCloud/git/osc-docker-builder
py27 installed: coverage==4.2,funcsigs==1.0.2,Jinja2==2.8,MarkupSafe==0.23,mock==2.0.0,mox==0.5.3,nose==1.3.7,-e,pbr==1.10.0,pluggy==0.4.0,py==1.4.31,PyYAML==3.12,six==1.10.0,tox==2.5.0,virtualenv==15.1.0,wheel==0.24.0
py27 runtests: PYTHONHASHSEED='775912511'
py27 runtests: commands[0] | python nosetests
running nosetests
running egg_info
writing osc_docker_builder.egg-info/PKG-INFO
writing top-level names to osc_docker_builder.egg-info/top_level.txt
writing dependency_links to osc_docker_builder.egg-info/dependency_links.txt
writing entry points to osc_docker_builder.egg-info/entry_points.txt
reading manifest file 'osc_docker_builder.egg-info/SOURCES.txt'
writing manifest file 'osc_docker_builder.egg-info/SOURCES.txt'

Name                        Stmts   Miss  Cover
-----------------------------------------------           0      0   100%
osc_docker_builder/     129    102    70%
TOTAL                         129    102    70%
Ran 0 tests in 0.097s

___________________________________________________________________________ summary ____________________________________________________________________________
  pep8: commands succeeded
  py27: commands succeeded
  congratulations :)

Load the virtualenv and build a docker image by :

$ source .tox/py27/bin/activate
$(py27) osc-builder -f osc.yml


Enrique Garcia Pablos

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