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Collection of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) tools

Project description

Build your custom OSINT tools and APIs with this python package! It includes different OSINT modules for performing reconnaissance on the target, and a built-in database for mapping and visuialzing some of the reconnaissance results.

The final results is a json output that can be intergrated with other projects


sudo pip3 install osint

Usage Example - Scan ips or domains for http and https

from osint import QBDns, QBScan
targets = QBDns().convert_to_ips(["",""] )
targets = QBScan().run(targets,[80,443])

Usage Example - Extract text from domains

from osint import QBDns, QBHost, QBExtract
targets = QBDns().convert_to_ips([""] )
targets = QBHost().run(targets)
targets = QBExtract().run(targets,function="text")

Usage Example - Interact with the built-in database

print(QBGetInfo().cursor.execute(("SELECT * FROM ports WHERE port=?"),(80,)).fetchone())

Usage Example - Test target

sudo python3 -m osint --test ""

Current modules

QBDns() - Dns lookups

  • target List of target domains or ips, the results is needed for the rest of modules e.g. [”http://test…”,””]

QBHost() - Extract host information and cert

QBHost().run(targets, function)
  • target from QBDns().convert_to_ips() function

  • function all, cert or content

QBCached() - Check from snapshots

QBCached().run(targets, from_date_in, to_date_in)
  • target from QBDns().convert_to_ips() function

  • from_date_in #start date as month/year e.g. 12/2020

  • to_date_in #end date as month/year e.g. 12/2021

QBExtract() - Extract text from pages

QBExtract().run(targets, function)
  • target from QBDns().convert_to_ips() function

  • function all, text, metadata, links, image or language

QBScan() - Extract text from pages, ports, function)
  • target from QBDns().convert_to_ips() function

  • ports ports to scan e.g. [80,443]

  • function all, sync, tcp, xmas, fin, null, ack, window or udp

QBTraceRoute() - Extract text from pages
  • target from QBDns().convert_to_ips() function

QBPing() - Ping host, function)
  • target from QBDns().convert_to_ips() function

  • function #all, arp, icmp or udp

QBWhois() - Whois information
  • target from QBDns().convert_to_ips() function

QBICS() - Industrial Control Systems Scanning
  • target from QBDns().convert_to_ips() function

QBICS() module is not available and currently under testing

Built-in Database

countries_ids (country text, ctry text, cntry text, cid int, latitude int, longitude int, flag text) countries_ips (ipfrom bigint, ipto bigint, registry text, assigned int, ctry text, cntry text, country text) dns_servers (dns text, description text) languages (ctry text, language text) ports (port int, protocol text, service text, description text) reserved_ips (ipfrom bigint, ipto bigint, description text) temp_emails (email text, description text, blocked boolean) url_shorteners (URL text, description text)


By using this framework, you are accepting the license terms of all these packages: scapy tld netifaces dnspython beautifulsoup4 requests pyOpenSSL lxml langdetect

Project details

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