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Python extensions for OpenTelemetry

Project description

otel-extensions-python: OpenTelemetry Extensions for Python

OpenTelemetry Extensions for Python is a collection of helper classes, functions, and decorators to facilitate the use of the OpenTelemetry Python API & SDK packages

Version Support

Python >= 3.6


pip install

You can install through pip using:

pip install otel-extensions

(you may need to run pip with root permission: sudo pip install otel-extensions)


Install via Setuptools.

python install --user

(or sudo python install to install the package for all users)


Tracer Provider Initialization

from otel_extensions import init_telemetry_provider, TelemetryOptions

# Provide options for telemetry provider
# Alternatively, any of the following options can be specified through
# environment variables with the equivalent name
options = TelemetryOptions(
    # OTLP receiver endpoint
    # CA bundle for TLS verification of endpoint (if endpoint scheme is https)
    # protocol for OTLP receiver (supported: gprc | http/protobuf | custom)
    # Custom span exporter class name (needed if protocol set to 'custom')
    # Name of service
    OTEL_SERVICE_NAME="My Service",
    # Processor type
    #   batch:  use BatchSpanProcessor
    #   simple: use SimpleSpanProcessor
    # Optional parent span id.  Will be injected into current context
# Initialize the global tracer provider

Instrumentation Decorator

You can use the @instrumented decorator to automatically wrap a span around a function or method

from otel_extensions import init_telemetry_provider, instrumented

def foo():
    """Creates a span named 'foo'"""

@instrumented(span_name="custom span name")
def bar():
    """Creates a span named 'custom span name'"""
    print("Hello World")

if __name__ == '__main__':
    # init telemetry provider (using options from environment variables)

Trace Context helper class

The TraceContextCarrier class is useful when propagating context across process or thread boundaries

from otel_extensions import TraceContextCarrier
from threading import Thread

def main_program():
    # capture current context
    ctx = TraceContextCarrier()
    thread = Thread(thread_func, args=(ctx))

def thread_func(ctx: TraceContextCarrier):
    # attach to context stored in ctx

Also, the TraceContextCarrier class can attach to context stored in the TRACEPARENT environment variable. Note that this is done automatically when calling the init_telemetry_provider() function.

from otel_extensions import TraceContextCarrier


TraceContextCarrier can also inject the current context into the TRACEPARENT environment variable. This is useful for context propagation when using Popen to create a subprocess

from otel_extensions import TraceContextCarrier
from subprocess import Popen

process = Popen(...)

Log messages as events

The TraceEventLogHandler class is a logging.Handler class that creates events for any log message that occurs in a span.

from otel_extensions import TraceEventLogHandler, init_telemetry_provider, get_tracer
import logging



with get_tracer(__name__).start_as_current_span("foo") as span:
    logging.getLogger(__name__).warning("Some log message")
    # 'Some Log message' will be created as an event in 'span',
    # as if you had called
    # span.add_event('Some Log message')

Project details

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