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Open source control for Belkin WeMo devices

Project description

# ouimeaux

Open source control for Belkin WeMo devices

* Free software: BSD license
* Documentation:

## Features

* Supports WeMo Switch, Light Switch, Insight Switch and Motion
* Command-line tool to discover and control devices in your environment
* REST API to obtain information and perform actions on devices
* Simple responsive Web app provides device control on mobile
* Python API to interact with device at a low level

## About this fork

The original repository can be found here:

It doesn't appear to be maintained and it doesn't work with modern Python

It has been forked here so that I can include my modifications to
`requirements.txt` as well as document how to use it.

## Installation

$ sudo pip install virtualenv
$ mkdir ouimeaux-env
$ virtualenv ouimeaux-env
$ source ouimeaux-env/bin/activate
$ cd ouimeaux-env
$ pip install git+

At this point you should be able to use `wemo` and `wemo server` so long as
you've activated your environment with `source ouimeaux-env/bin/activate`.

**Note:** Ensure that the `pip` and `virtualenv` command you use belongs to a
Python 2 installation. On some systems, there are multiple versions of Python
installed. See below for an example from my Fedora system.

$ /bin/ls -1 "$(dirname $(which python))/virtualenv"{,-2} "$(dirname $(which python))/p"{ython,ip}[23]

$ pip --version
pip 9.0.1 from /usr/lib/python3.5/site-packages (python 3.5)

$ pip2 --version
pip 9.0.1 from /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages (python 2.7)

## Troubleshooting

#### Using a VPN
The `wemo` command won't be able to communicate with your devices if you're connected to a VPN. It may be redirecting UDP traffic somewhere else. Disconnect from the VPN and the tool should work.

Open an issue and I'll try to help.


Release 0.8.0 (July 30, 2016)
- Randomize subscription ports to enable simultaneous ouimeaux scripts (thanks @bennytheshap)
- Fix for WeMo LED Light support (thanks @sstangle73)
- #32: Removed address cache, broke server out into optional feature
- Fix for Maker state reporting (thanks @pavoni)
- Filter by SSDP location, fixing case where multiple devices respond from the same IP (thanks @szakharchenko)
- Fix Maker event handlers, which were being passed as bridges (thanks @maxlazarov)
- Work around gevent-socketio bug by explicitly casting header value as string
- Fix for inconsistent Light state (thanks @canduuk)
- StateChange signals are now a separate class and do not fire if value is unchanged (thanks @esecules)
- Python 3 support (thanks to @drock371)

Release 0.7.9 (March 17, 2015)
- Command line support for WeMo LED Light (thanks @fritz-fritz)
- Command line support for WeMo Maker (thanks @logjames)
- Support for 2.0.0 firmware (thanks @fritz-fritz)
- Bug fixes

Release 0.7.3 (August 10, 2014)
- Fixed #18: Error when run as root
- Fixed #26: Evict devices from cache when unreachable
- Fixed #29: GetPower stopped working for Insight devices
- Fixed #31: Add blink method on switches, include in REST API
- Fixed #33, #37: Handle invalid devices without dying
- Fixed #35: Require requests >= 2.3.0
- Fixed #40: Retry requests in the event of failure
- Fixed #47: Don't choke on invalid newlines in XML returned by switches
(thanks to @fingon)

Release 0.7.2 (January 28, 2014)
- Fix a bug with using query parameters on /api/device

Release 0.7 (January 27, 2014)
- Added REST API
- Added Web app

Release 0.6 (January 25, 2014)
- Added signals framework
- Fixed #16, #19, #22: Defensively resubscribe to events when device responds with an error
- Fixed #15: Signals framework includes relevant device when sending signal
- Refactored structure, added Sphinx docs

Release 0.5.3 (January 25, 2014)
- Fixed #20: Allow timeout in environment.wait()
- Fixed #21: Add Insight support

Release 0.5.2 (November 23, 2013)
- Fixed #14: Indicate Connection:close header to avoid logging when WeMo sends
invalid HTTP response.

Release 0.5.1 (November 9, 2013)
- Fixed #10: Updated subscriber listener to use more reliable method of
retrieving non-loopback IP address; updated docs to fix typo in listener
registration example (thanks to @benhoyle, @francxk)
- Fixed #11: Remove instancemethod objects before attempting to pickle devices
in the cache (thanks @piperde, @JonPenner, @tomtomau, @masilu77)

Release 0.5 (October 14, 2013)
- Added fuzzy matching of device name when searching/toggling from command line
- Added ``status`` mode to print status for all devices
- Added ``switch status`` mode to print status for specific device
- Added flags for all command-line options
- Fixed #9: Removed unused fcntl import that precluded Windows usage (thanks to

Release 0.4.3 (August 31, 2013)
- Used new method of obtaining local IP for discovery that is less likely to
return loopback
- Exit with failure and instructions for solution if loopback IP is used
- Updated installation docs to include python-dev and pip instructions (patch
by @fnaard)
- Fixed README inclusion bug that occasionally broke installation via pip.
- Added ``--debug`` option to enable debug logging to stdout

Release 0.4 (August 17, 2013)
- Fixed #7: Added support for light switch devices (patch by nschrenk).
- Fixed #6: Added "wemo clear" command to clear the device cache.

Release 0.3 (May 25, 2013)
- Fixed #4: Added ability to specify ip:port for discovery server binding. Removed
documentation describing need to disable SSDP service on Windows.
- Fixed #5: Added device cache for faster results.
- Added configuration file.
- Added ability to configure aliases for devices to avoid quoting strings on
the command line.
- Added 'toggle' command to command line switch control.

Release 0.2 (April 21, 2013)
- Fixed #1: Added ability to subscribe to motion and switch state change events.
- Added Windows installation details to README (patch by @brianpeiris)
- Cleaned up UDP server lifecycle so rediscovery doesn't try to start it back up.

Release 0.1 (February 2, 2013)
- Initial release.

* First release on PyPI.

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