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Simple and extensible admin interface framework for Flask

Project description


The project was recently moved into its own organization. Please update your references to


Flask-Admin is a batteries-included, simple-to-use Flask extension that lets you add admin interfaces to Flask applications. It is inspired by the django-admin package, but implemented in such a way that the developer has total control of the look, feel and functionality of the resulting application.

Out-of-the-box, Flask-Admin plays nicely with various ORM’s, including

It also boasts a simple file management interface and a redis client console.

The biggest feature of Flask-Admin is flexibility. It aims to provide a set of simple tools that can be used for building admin interfaces of any complexity. So, to start off with you can create a very simple application in no time, with auto-generated CRUD-views for each of your models. But then you can go further and customize those views & forms as the need arises.

Flask-Admin is an active project, well-tested and production ready.


Several usage examples are included in the /examples folder. Please add your own, or improve on the existing examples, and submit a pull-request.

To run the examples in your local environment:

1. Clone the repository::

      git clone
      cd flask-admin

2. Create and activate a virtual environment::

      virtualenv env -p python3
      source env/bin/activate

3. Install requirements::

      pip install -r 'examples/sqla/requirements.txt'

4. Run the application::

      python examples/sqla/


Flask-Admin is extensively documented, you can find all of the documentation at

The docs are auto-generated from the .rst files in the /doc folder. So if you come across any errors, or if you think of anything else that should be included, then please make the changes and submit them as a pull-request.

To build the docs in your local environment, from the project directory:

tox -e docs-html

And if you want to preview any .rst snippets that you may want to contribute, go to


To install Flask-Admin, simply:

pip install flask-admin

Or alternatively, you can download the repository and install manually by doing:

git clone
cd flask-admin
python install


Test are run with nose. If you are not familiar with this package you can get some more info from their website.

To run the tests, from the project directory, simply:

pip install -r requirements-dev.txt

You should see output similar to:

Ran 102 tests in 13.132s


For all the tests to pass successfully, you’ll need Postgres & MongoDB to be running locally. For Postgres:

> psql postgres
CREATE DATABASE flask_admin_test;

> psql flask_admin_test

You can also run the tests on multiple environments using tox.

3rd Party Stuff

Flask-Admin is built with the help of Bootstrap, Select2 and Bootswatch.

If you want to localize your application, install the Flask-BabelEx package.

You can help improve Flask-Admin’s translations through Crowdin:



  • Fixed XSS vulnerability

  • Support nested categories in the navbar menu

  • SQLAlchemy
    • sort on multiple columns with column_default_sort

    • sort on related models in column_sortable_list

    • fix: inline model forms can now also be used for models with multiple primary keys

    • support for using mapped column_property

  • Upgrade Leaflet and Leaflet.draw plugins, used for geoalchemy integration

  • Specify minimum_input_length for ajax widget

  • Peewee: support composite keys

  • MongoEngine: when searching/filtering the input is now regarded as case-insensitive by default

  • FileAdmin
    • handle special characters in filename

    • fix a bug with listing directories on Windows

    • avoid raising an exception when unknown sort parameter is encountered

  • WTForms 3 support


  • Fixed XSS vulnerability

  • Fixed Peewee support

  • Added detail view column formatters

  • Updated Flask-Login example to work with the newer version of the library

  • Various SQLAlchemy-related fixes

  • Various Windows related fixes for the file admin


  • Dropped Python 2.6 support

  • Fixed SQLAlchemy >= 1.2 compatibility

  • Fixed Pewee 3.0 compatibility

  • Fixed max year for a combo date inline editor

  • Lots of small bug fixes


  • Fixed CSRF generation logic for multi-process deployments

  • Added WTForms >= 3.0 support

  • Flask-Admin would not recursively save inline models, allowing arbitrary nesting

  • Added configuration properties that allow injection of additional CSS and JS dependencies into templates without overriding them

  • SQLAlchemy backend - Updated hybrid property detection using new SQLAlchemy APIs - Added support for association proxies - Added support for remote hybrid properties filters - Added support for ARRAY column type

  • Localization-related fixes

  • MongoEngine backend is now properly formats model labels

  • Improved Google App Engine support: - Added TextProperty, KeyProperty and SelectField support - Added support for form_args, excluded_columns, page_size and after_model_update

  • Fixed URL generation with localized named filters

  • FileAdmin has Bootstrap 2 support now

  • Geoalchemy fixes - Use Google Places (by default) for place search

  • Updated translations

  • Bug fixes


  • Small bug fix release. Fixes regression that prevented usage of “virtual” columns with a custom formatter.


  • Official Python 3.5 support

  • Customizable row actions

  • Tablib support (exporting to XLS, XLSX, CSV, etc)

  • Updated external dependencies (jQuery, x-editable, etc)

  • Added settings that allows exceptions to be raised on view errors

  • Bug fixes


  • Updated and reworked documentation

  • FileAdmin went through minor refactoring and now supports remote file systems. Comes with the new, optional, AWS S3 file management interface

  • Configurable CSV export for model views

  • Added overridable URL generation logic. Allows using custom URLs with parameters for administrative views

  • Added column_display_actions to ModelView control visibility of the action column without overriding the template

  • Added support for the latest MongoEngine

  • New SecureForm base class for easier CSRF validation

  • Lots of translation-related fixes and updated translations

  • Bug fixes


  • New feature: Edit models in the list view in a popup

  • New feature: Read-only model details view

  • Fixed XSS in column_editable_list values

  • Improved navigation consistency in model create and edit views

  • Ability to choose page size in model list view

  • Updated client-side dependencies (jQuery, Select2, etc)

  • Updated documentation and examples

  • Updated translations

  • Bug fixes

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