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p5 is a Python library that provides high level drawing functionality to help you quickly create simulations and interactive art using Python. It combines the core ideas of Processing — learning to code in a visual context — with Python’s readability to make programming more accessible to beginners, educators, and artists.

To report a bug / make a feature request use the issues page in this repository. You can also use the discourse platform to ask/discuss anything related to p5py.


p5 programs are called “sketches” and are run as any other Python program. The sketch above, for instance, draws a circle at the mouse location that gets a random reddish color when the mouse is pressed and is white otherwise; the size of the circle is chosen randomly. The Python code for the sketch looks like:

from p5 import *

def setup():
    size(640, 360)

def draw():
    if mouse_is_pressed:
        fill(random_uniform(255), random_uniform(127), random_uniform(51), 127)
        fill(255, 15)

    circle_size = random_uniform(low=10, high=80)

    circle((mouse_x, mouse_y), circle_size)

def key_pressed(event):

# p5 supports different backends to render sketches,
# "vispy" for both 2D and 3D sketches & "skia" for 2D sketches
# use "skia" for better 2D experience
# Default renderer is set to "vispy"
run(renderer="vispy") # "skia" is still in beta


The p5py documentation can be found here p5 documentation


Take a look at the installation steps here in the p5 installation page


We welcome contributions from anyone, even if you are new to open source. You can start by fixing the existing issues in p5py. In case you need any help or support from the p5py development community, you can join our slack group.


p5 is licensed under the GPLv3. See LICENSE for more details. p5 also includes the following components from other open source projects:

All licenses for these external components are available in the LICENSES folder.

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