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A YAML based file package-manifest framework for defining packages.

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DOI v0.2.0

A Python 3 framework for creating and maintaining a generalised manifest of files inspired by the Python The framework would typically used as the basis of some kind of packaging tool to define the file needed for distribution of the package.

1 Main Features

  • YAML based file format

  • Common manifest operations:

    • include/exclude

    • global include/exclude

    • recursive include/exclude

    • prune/graft

2 Installation

The simplest way to acquire packageManifest is using pip.

pip install packageManifest

3 Getting Started

The manifest YAML file is simply a list of the include or exclude operations to comprise the formulation of files. There are six different types of operations - the same as the Python

Each include/exclude operation can take either a files directive or a directory directive, or both, depending on the type of include/exclude being applied.

- include:
    files: [ 'LICENSE', '' ]
- exclude:
    files: [ '*.orig' ]
- recursive-include:
    directory:  'include'
    files: [ '*.h', '*.c' ]
- recursive-exclude:
    directory: 'temp/subdir'
    files: [ '*' ]
- global-include:
    files: [ 'Makefile' ]
- global-exclude:
    files: [ '*.txt', '*.tmp', 'test' ]
- prune:
    directory: 'bin'
- graft:
    directory: 'src'

The files directive contains a list of unix-glob like patterns to be applied to files. The directory directive contains a single character string of the directory.

Using the manifest file is simply a matter of importing the library and using the from_yamlFile class method to import the operations and apply them to the specified root directory of the directory tree from which to extract files.

from package-manifest import Manifest

thisManifest = Manifest.from_yamlFile( 'manifest.yml', '.' )

manifestFiles = thisManifest.apply()

manifestFiles now contains a Python set of the file names from the root directory '.' that have been filtered by the operations specified in the file manifest.yml.

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