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Numerical continuation in Python

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pacopy provides various algorithms of numerical parameter continuation for PDEs in Python.

pacopy is backend-agnostic, so it doesn't matter if your problem is formulated with SciPy, FEniCS, pyfvm, or any other Python package. The only thing the user must provide is a class with some simple methods, e.g., a function evaluation f(u, lmbda), a Jacobian a solver jacobian_solver(u, lmbda, rhs) etc.

Some pacopy documentation is available here.



The classical Bratu problem in 1D with Dirichlet boundary conditions. To reproduce the plot, you first have to specify the problem; this is the classical finite-difference approximation:

class Bratu1d(object):
    def __init__(self):
        self.n = 51
        h = 1.0 / (self.n - 1)

        self.H = numpy.full(self.n, h)
        self.H[0] = h / 2
        self.H[-1] = h / 2

        self.A = (
            scipy.sparse.diags([-1.0, 2.0, -1.0], [-1, 0, 1], shape=(self.n, self.n))
            / h ** 2

    def inner(self, a, b):
        """The inner product of the problem. Can be, b), but factoring in
        the mesh width stays true to the PDE.
        return, self.H * b)

    def norm2_r(self, a):
        """The norm in the range space; used to determine if a solution has been found.
        return, a)

    def f(self, u, lmbda):
        """The evaluation of the function to be solved
        out = - lmbda * numpy.exp(u)
        out[0] = u[0]
        out[-1] = u[-1]
        return out

    def df_dlmbda(self, u, lmbda):
        """The function's derivative with respect to the parameter. Used in Euler-Newton
        out = -numpy.exp(u)
        out[0] = 0.0
        out[-1] = 0.0
        return out

    def jacobian_solver(self, u, lmbda, rhs):
        """A solver for the Jacobian problem.
        M = self.A.copy()
        d = M.diagonal().copy()
        d -= lmbda * numpy.exp(u)
        # Dirichlet conditions[0][self.n - 2] = 0.0[1][0] = 1.0[1][self.n - 1] = 1.0[2][1] = 0.0
        return scipy.sparse.linalg.spsolve(M.tocsr(), rhs)

Then pass the object to any of pacopy's methods, e.g., the Euler-Newton (arclength) continuation:

problem = Bratu1d()
# Initial guess
u0 = numpy.zeros(problem.n)
# Initial parameter value
lmbda0 = 0.0

lmbda_list = []
values_list = []
def callback(k, lmbda, sol):
    # Use the callback for plotting, writing data to files etc.
    fig = plt.figure()
    ax1 = fig.add_subplot(111)

    values_list.append(numpy.sqrt(problem.inner(sol, sol)))

    ax1.plot(lmbda_list, values_list, "-x", color="#1f77f4")
    ax1.set_xlim(0.0, 4.0)
    ax1.set_ylim(0.0, 6.0)

# Natural parameter continuation
# pacopy.natural(problem, u0, lmbda0, callback, max_steps=100)

    problem, u0, lmbda0, callback, max_steps=500, newton_tol=1.0e-10



The Ginzburg-Landau equations model the behavior of extreme type-II superconductors under a magnetic field. The above example (to be found in full detail here) shows parameter continuation in the strength of the magnetic field. The plot on the right-hand side shows the complex-valued solution using cplot.


pacopy is available from the Python Package Index, so simply type

pip install -U pacopy

to install or upgrade.


To run the pacopy unit tests, check out this repository and type



To create a new release

  1. bump the __version__ number,

  2. publish to PyPi and GitHub:

    make publish


pacopy is published under the MIT license.

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