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is a Simple, FileBase and Document Oriented database

Project description

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PantherDB is a Simple, FileBase and Document Oriented database that you can use in your projects.


  • Document Oriented
  • Easy to use
  • Written in pure Python +3.8 based on standard type hints
  • Handle Database Encryption
  • Singleton connection per db_name



  • Create a database:

    db: PantherDB = PantherDB('database.pdb')
  • Create an encrypted database:

    Required cyptography install it with pip install pantherdb[full]

    from cryptography.fernet import Fernet
    key = Fernet.generate_key()  # Should be static (You should not generate new key on every run)
    db: PantherDB = PantherDB('database.pdb', secret_key=key)
  • Access to a collection:

    user_collection: PantherCollection = db.collection('User')
  • Delete a collection:



  • Insert document:

    user: PantherDocument = db.collection('User').insert_one(first_name='Ali', last_name='Rn')


  • Find one document:

    user: PantherDocument = db.collection('User').find_one(first_name='Ali', last_name='Rn')


    user: PantherDocument = db.collection('User').find_one()
  • Find first document (alias of find_one()):

    user: PantherDocument = db.collection('User').first(first_name='Ali', last_name='Rn')


    user: PantherDocument = db.collection('User').first()
  • Find last document:

    user: PantherDocument = db.collection('User').last(first_name='Ali', last_name='Rn')


    user: PantherDocument = db.collection('User').last()
  • Find documents:

    users: list[PantherDocument] = db.collection('User').find(last_name='Rn')

    or all documents

    users: list[PantherDocument] = db.collection('User').find()
  • Count documents:

    users_count: int = db.collection('User').count(first_name='Ali')


  • Update a document:

    user: PantherDocument = db.collection('User').find_one(first_name='Ali', last_name='Rn')
  • Filter and Update a document:

    _filter = {'first_name': 'Ali', 'last_name': 'Rn'}
    is_updated: bool = db.collection('User').update_one(_filter, first_name='Saba')
  • Filter and Update many:

    _filter = {'first_name': 'Ali'}
    updated_count: int = db.collection('User').update_many(_filter, first_name='Saba')


  • Delete a document:

    user: PantherDocument = db.collection('User').first(first_name='Ali', last_name='Rn')
  • Filter and Delete a document:

    is_deleted: bool = db.collection('User').delete_one(first_name='Ali', last_name='Rn')
  • Filter and Delete many:

    deleted_count: int = db.collection('User').delete_many(last_name='Rn')


  • Add encryption
  • Complete tests TODO
  • Add B+ tree

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