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a set utilities that ake advantage of python's 'multiprocessing' module to distribute CPU-intensive tasks

Project description

# Para(llel) processing utilities This library implements a simple set of parallel processing utilities that take advantage of python’s multiprocessing module to distribute processing over multiple CPUs on a single machine. The most salient feature of this library is the map() function that can be used to distribute CPU-intensive processing of a collection of items over multiple cores.

  • Installation pip install para

## Basic usage

>>> import para
>>> import gzip
>>> items = ["examples/big-file1.gz", "examples/big-file2.gz",
...          "examples/big-file3.gz"]
>>> def log_lines(path):
...     with, 'rt') as f:
...         for lineno, line in enumerate(f):
...             if len(line) > 50:
...                 yield path, lineno, line
>>> for path, lineno, line in, items):
...     print(path, lineno, repr(line))
examples/big-file1.gz 2 'this line is going to be much longer than 80 chars -- at least I hope it will\n'
examples/big-file3.gz 0 'again with the long lines -- this is going to show up in the output, I hope\n'

## Authors * Aaron Halfaker –

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