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PARC, “phenotyping by accelerated refined community-partitioning” - is a fast, automated, combinatorial graph-based clustering approach that integrates hierarchical graph construction (HNSW) and data-driven graph-pruning with the new Leiden community-detection algorithm.

Getting Started

install using pip

conda create --name ParcEnv pip // (optional)
pip install parc // tested on linux

install by cloning repository and running

git clone 
python3 install // cd into the directory of the cloned PARC folder containing and issue this command

install dependencies separately if needed

pip install leidenalg, igraph and hnswlib

Example Usage 1. (small test sets) - IRIS and Digits dataset from sklearn

from parc import PARC
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from sklearn import datasets

// load sample IRIS data
//data (n_obs x k_dim, 150x4)
iris = datasets.load_iris()
X =

plt.scatter(X[:,0],X[:,1], c = y) // colored by 'ground truth'

Parc1 = parc.PARC(X,y) // instantiate PARC
Parc1.run_PARC() // run the clustering
parc_labels = Parc1.labels

# View scatterplot colored by PARC labels

plt.scatter(X[:, 0], X[:, 1], c=parc_labels)

// load sample digits data
digits = datasets.load_digits()
X = // (n_obs x k_dim, 1797x64) 
y =
Parc2 = parc.PARC(X,y, jac_std_global='median') // 'median' is default pruning level
parc_labels = Parc2.labels

Example Usage 2. (mid-scale scRNA-seq): 10X PBMC (Zheng et al., 2017)

pre-processed datafile


import PARC
import csv

## load data (50 PCs of filtered gene matrix pre-processed as per Zheng et al. 2017)

X = csv.reader(open("'./pca50_pbmc68k.txt", 'rt'),delimiter = ",")
X = np.array(list(X)) // (n_obs x k_dim, 68579 x 50)
X = X.astype("float")
// OR with pandas as: X = pd.read_csv("'./pca50_pbmc68k.txt").values.astype("float")

y = [] // annotations
with open('/annotations_zhang.txt', 'rt') as f: 
    for line in f: y.append(line.strip().replace('\"', ''))
// OR with pandas as: y =  list(pd.read_csv('./data/zheng17_annotations.txt', header=None)[0])   

parc1 = parc.PARC(X,y) // instantiate PARC
parc1.run_PARC() // run the clustering
parc_labels = parc1.labels 

tsne plot of annotations and PARC clustering

Example Usage 3. 10X PBMC (Zheng et al., 2017) integrating Scanpy pipeline

raw datafile

pip install scanpy
import scanpy.api as sc
import pandas as pd
//load data
path = './data/zheng17_filtered_matrices_mex/hg19/'
adata = + 'matrix.mtx', cache=True).T  # transpose the data
adata.var_names = pd.read_csv(path + 'genes.tsv', header=None, sep='\t')[1]
adata.obs_names = pd.read_csv(path + 'barcodes.tsv', header=None)[0]

// annotations as per correlation with pure samples
annotations = list(pd.read_csv('./data/zheng17_annotations.txt', header=None)[0])
adata.obs['annotations'] = pd.Categorical(annotations)

//pre-process as per Zheng et al., and take first 50 PCs for analysis
sc.pp.recipe_zheng17(adata), n_comps=50)
parc1 = parc.PARC(adata2.obsm['X_pca'], annotations)
parc_labels = parc1.labels
adata2.obs["PARC"] = pd.Categorical(parc_labels)

//visualize, color='annotations'), color='PARC')

Example Usage 4. Large-scale (70K subset and 1.1M cells) Lung Cancer cells (multi-ATOM imaging cytometry based features)

normalized image-based feature matrix 70K cells

Lung Cancer cells annotation 70K cells

1.1M cell features and annotations

import PARC
import pandas as pd

// load data: digital mix of 7 cell lines from 7 sets of pure samples (1.1M cells x 26 features)
X = pd.read_csv("'./LungData.txt").values.astype("float") 
y = list(pd.read_csv('./LungData_annotations.txt', header=None)[0]) // list of cell-type annotations

// run PARC
parc1 = parc.PARC(X, y)
parc_labels = parc1.labels

tsne plot of annotations and PARC clustering, heatmap of features

References to dependencies

  • Leiden (pip install leidenalg) (V.A. Traag, 2019
  • hsnwlib Malkov, Yu A., and D. A. Yashunin. "Efficient and robust approximate nearest neighbor search using Hierarchical Navigable Small World graphs." TPAMI, preprint:
  • igraph (


If you find this code useful in your work, please consider citing this paper PARC:ultrafast and accurate clustering of phenotypic data of millions of single cells

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